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Overwatch Character Lucio Joins Blizzard’s Heroes Of The Storm


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Overwatch Character Lucio Joins Blizzard’s Heroes Of The Storm

Popular Overwatch character Lucio crosses over to other Blizzard games to battle them in the Nexus. He joins Tracer and Zarya in Heroes of the Storm. This makes him the third character from the hit shooter to arrive in Blizzard’s multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA).

It can be remembered that Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s answer to the growing popularity of Defense of the Ancients and League of Legends. However, the game’s popularity soared when its cast of characters actually involved characters from the company’s hit franchises. It was only a matter of time before Overwatch fully migrated into the Nexus.

Lucio’s arrival makes him the third caracter from the Overwatch cast to arrive in the MOBA, next to Zarya and Tracer. This makes fans of the cruising sound master wonder just what his abilities are in the game. Fret no more, as here is the latest news on Lucio’s arrival in the Nexus.

Overwatch: Lucio Joins Tracer, Zarya

Lucio is one of the original support characters for the hit Blizzard shooter. He is best known for his abilities to use sound for offensive and defensive combat. Fans also love him for his wall-riding antics, which prove useful to dodge enemy combatants. Now, players of the game can expect the same abilities in Heroes of the Storm.

According to Game Rant, however, Lucio is not the only one arriving in the game. It seems a third mystery character will also be making his or her way in the game. Regardless, it appears fans are more curious as to just what Lucio will be offering in the MOBA.

Lucio will be arriving in a Heroes of the Storm Public Test Realm on February 6. According to a Blizzard Tweet, he will make an appearance on the Public Test Realm and will be added in the game’s main roster in the next update. He will also serve as a support character in the MOBA.

Skills, Abilities

As per a Heroes of the Storm gameplay teaser, Lucio’s move set remains relatively unchanged. He is able to “switch” between healing abilities or give them speed boost. His Sound Barrier, the ultimate from the hit shooter, also makes an appearance in the game.

Sound Barrier is one of his Heroic abilities, and it functions generally the same way. This allows Lucio to give his allies a powerful shield. He also has a brand new ability called the Reverse Amp. The ability allows him to either slow down enemies or even have them lose health.

Others may see this as a rather “overkill” ability and cause balancing issues. However, this provides quite an interesting dimension to the game. After all, in the Blizzard shooter, Symmetra was able to cycle between two ultimates: a teleporter and a shield generator.

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