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Overwatch Characters: 11-Year-Old Genius May Be Next Hero – Who Is She


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Overwatch Characters: 11-Year-Old Genius May Be Next Hero – Who Is She

It appears lore junkies will have another topic to explore with a new reveal from Overwatch. A new character may be arriving soon. However, she is not related to anyone in the cast, at least so far.

This finally sheds light to the clamor of fans for a new Overwatch character. After all, Blizzard did promise the arrival of more post-launch characters since its May 2016 release. Blizzard delivered, but it is not the person everyone else expected.

If these rumors are true, then this new character will be within the ranks of support-sniper Ana and hacker Sombra as the third post-launch hero. Interestingly, this also opens another question: where is Doomfist? Let us explore these matters below.

Overwatch: Who is Efi Oladele?

The announcement came courtesy of a blog post on the game’s website. The post, in the form of a news piece, introduces Efi Oladele. Apparently, she is an 11-year-old robotics prodigy from Numbani.

The piece itself “interviews” Oladele under the Atlas News name. This is the same “newspaper” that gave hints about the lore behind other characters like Soldier: 76 and Sombra. It seems the child prodigy is more than meets the eye.

Oladele told Atlas News that she likes building drones. She even said her drones do her chores for her. By the time she grows up, she would also want to build protector drones to guard citizens.

These are interesting hints to her character, should she be in the game. This implies that the child prodigy may be using robot drones to fight instead of her person. Her childish demeanor may also make room for cute quips and comments mid-battle.

Where is Doomfist?

Unfortunately, there are still no announcements whether or not Oladele is in fact the newest character in the game. There is always the option that she may control a “boss drone” as a proxy. Regardless, according to Polygon, this confirms game director Jeff Kaplan’s statement that there are more characters on the way.

Perhaps more intriguing is that it will be Oladele, and not Doomfist. It can be remembered that the latter character was the one who has been teased in a few “leaked” codes throughout the game. This was because players kept on finding subtle references to the character in the recent patches.

There are entire songs dedicated to Doomfist, and lines that indicate his presence. His famed gauntlet is even found in one of the game’s levels. Which begs the question: when will he arrive – and will he even be arrive, or is somebody taking his place?

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