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Overwatch Characters: Bastion May See New Upgrades


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Overwatch Characters: Bastion May See New Upgrades

Geoff Goodman teased that everyone’s favorite beeping Overwatch robot named Bastion, will be getting a major makeover soon. Take a look at his response to a user at the US Battle Net forum.

Goodman On Bastion Tune Up

Principal designer Geoff Goodman mentioned in a thread that they are working on some changes for Bastion. This is in response to a thread where gamers are lamenting the robot’s clunky disposition in the game. Furthermore, the character has been a huge problem for new players to get around. However, after a few games, players start to learn that a target that can’t move is easy to destroy in Overwatch.

The designer did not set a timeline on when Bastion’s changes will take effect in Overwatch. Moreover, he didn’t share anything specific about the changes. Goodman mentioned, “I’m not quite sure when these changes will hit the live game; we’re still testing different things internally.”

Director Jeff Kaplan intervened, he explained the factors they consider in decision-making. He quipped that player feedback, statistics, and Blizzard developers are the three most important things. He also mentioned that there is no formula that tell them how to make changes. They carefully use the three guiding categories to help lead them to the right decision.

He cited Symmetra’s statistics as an example. “Symmetra was fine and did not need to be touched at all. But our instincts and player feedback was contrary to what the stats were showing. Obviously, we made changes in spite of the statistics, not because of them.”

The Bastion Dilemma

The robot known as Bastion has been untouched since the game launched last year. Meanwhile, other characters have been recalibrated or reworked. It was initially seen annoying by some gamers who found him overpowered. But they found strategies for dealing with the robot efficiently. According to data gathered by fan site Overwatch Tracker, Bastion has the lowest winrates and playtime of any character in the well-loved title.

The game’s latest seasonal event, Year of the Rooster, is currently underway. For a limited time, it adds a Brawl mode and special Loot Boxes containing new items. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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