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Overwatch Characters: D.Va Nerf & How Her Tweaks Work


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Overwatch Characters: D.Va Nerf & How Her Tweaks Work

Overwatch is one of the most popular games in recent times. An update released on the public test realm has now adjusted some characters. This includes D.Va who underwent nerfing as per reports.

These Overwatch updates are now solely available for the public test realm. Blizzard has now given strategic insights on the reason behind these tweaks. D.Va now goes without her armor as per this new update.

The Overwatch update has also scaled up the health levels of D.Va. Weapon damage has also been lowered for the character. GameSpot reports that damage is now more consistent as well.

What Is Learnt About This?

The logic behind this move has also been delineated by Geoff Goodman. Goodman reports her “spread didn’t actually change”. Additionally “her shots fill in her spread more evenly now”.

He also talked of how her “damage per shot is generally more consistent”. Goodman highlighted the example of the video taken from the live game. He states that in case the “same shot” is taken multiple times, damage results will be diversified.

Goodman also states that this will be more diverse than damages for the PTR because bullets may miss at times. However, the damage changes are basically a “small nerf” according to him. Blizzard has also issued patch notes in this regard.

In these, it feels that there is no previous weakness. Goodman also states that D.Va is intended to be weaker in lieu of weapons that fire faster. These include Tracer and Reaper.

The game will be better when heroes have natural strengths and weaknesses versus others. This has been expounded by Goodman. Most people preferred using Roadhog or Zarya since both have high damage potential.

What Else Should You Know 

Reaper and other heroes are pretty good at destroying tanks. They have the ability to get through armor. D.Va now has greater legitimate counters since her Defense Matrix remained untouched.

Attack of the Fanboy also confirms that D.Va may be adjusted prior to the PTR update being integrated into the live game. The PTR update last week deals with the Hook capabilities of Roadhog. In case the character is more weakened than desired, the makers may boost her up again.

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