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Overwatch Characters: Efi Oladele May Be Constructing New Hero


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Overwatch Characters: Efi Oladele May Be Constructing New Hero

Blizzard delivers yet another Overwatch teaser. The publisher has revealed some more details its mysterious 24th hero. However, at this point, fans believe the young Efi Oladele may not be taking up the mantle herself.

Overwatch has made a lot of progress since its release last May 2016. It made waves upon launch and has already won a number of recognitions – including two Game of the Year Awards. However,the game has only begun and has a lot more to offer.

The title has recently introduced robotics extraordinaire Oladele as a Numbani resident. The 11-year-old genius appears to have a knack of making things “tick,” and she is about to make history. Lore enthusiasts and Blizzard fans will have another Overwatch riddle to occupy their minds.

Overwatch and its 24th Hero: Efi the Builder?

The new theory is courtesy of another post from the game’s official Twitter account. The tweet is a fictional holovid channel of the robotics expert and contains a list of “things to get,” including materials for what appears to be a machine. However, players noticed an interesting statement. The tweet says, “Time to get to work.”

Of course, gamers can speculate that this can be in fact the form of the title’s newest character. According to GameSpot, this may very well be a kind of robot. Interestingly, fans may also want to take note that Oladele wants an OR-15 chassis in her list.

Reveal & Theories So Far

According to PC Gamer, some of the details in the “things to get” list check out with recent teases. For instance, the OR-15 chassis refers to defense robots that are used to guard cities in the game. One of them in particular was destroyed in an attack at the Numbani airport.

Another item is a “miniature Tobelstien reactor.” Heavy-hitter Zarya also has a spray that is called Tobelstein. It appears this is the energy source for her famed Particle Cannon – which was originally built for tanks. This means Oladele’s new robot will be packing heavy artillery.

The genius also obtained an “Axiom vocal processor.” In the game’s lore, Axiom are bipedal robots that are seen in posters throughout the Numbani area. This indicates that our new hero may be a fully re-purposed and customized machine.

Doomfist Connection Revisited

According to Eurogamer, to make things a bit more interesting, the gauntlet of Doomfist has been conveniently stolen from the rumored Numbani payload in the Public Test Realm (PTR). Fans believe Doomfist is the game’s newest hero. After all, Blizzard did place hints inside the PTR. Gamers can find music files and the “payload” related to Doomfist.

Doomfist is a generational character. This means a lot of people are behind the “Doomfist” title. The hero’s name comes from his powerful gauntlet. It is capable of generating shockwaves for every punch. The conveniently-stolen gauntlet can cause attacks like the ones made in the airport – so does this mean the new “Doomfist” is a villain?

Sadly, only Blizzard can confirm these theories. Players may wait for other “news” from the publisher to fit all the dots together. However one thing is for sure: the game is getting another hero.

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