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Overwatch Characters: Efi Oladele’s Relation To Doomfist


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Overwatch Characters: Efi Oladele’s Relation To Doomfist

Fans and lore enthusiasts of Blizzard’s Overwatch find themselves at a standstill. Just who is Efi Oladele, and is she the game’s 24th hero? Gamers in the community have taken quite a speculative turn with her unexpected reveal.

Players all around the world are anxiously waiting for any news about Oladele’s involvement with the other Overwatch heroes. After all, teases on her character are still very minimal. Regardless, it doesn’t mean that fans can simply be left to their own devices without some forming their own theories.

Overwatch is the latest in Blizzard’s line of titles and is perhaps one of its most popular franchises. After its release last May 2016, the game instantly created a massive fanbase. It even earned quite an arsenal of awards, including Game of the Year titles from the 2017 DICE Awards and 2016 The Game Awards.

Game Lore: Oladele, Doomfist Connections?

Fans cannot help but try to make connections between Oladele and Doomfist because of their “coincidental” encounters. Of course, “encounter” can be taken in a figurative sense, as this pertains to elements of their characters coinciding with each other. For instance, Oladele is an 11-year-old robotics genius hailing from Numbani.

Oladele was actually “announced” via a mock article on the official website. Her fascination with drones led fans to think her character might be a robot master. It means she may be “controlling” them instead of fighting directly. Just a few days later, the game’s Twitter posted a picture of a Numbani airport being attacked by an “unknown assailant.”

No one knows if the “unknown assailant” is Doomfist or Oladele. However, fans know that this may be the start of Blizzard’s potential character tease. After all, Doomfist is known to wield a powerful gauntlet (hence the name) during his time with the team. Coincidentally, the Numbani airport attack had a drone firmly planted against the wall – like it was punched by a powerful gauntlet.

For a quick rundown, Doomfist is a “generational” character, similar to DC Entertainment’s Robin. This means the title is handed down from one generation to the next. The Doomfist that appeared in the original team’s slate may not be the Doomfist that arrives in the game.

However, the title’s developers are yet to confirm just who might take Doomfist’s mantle. Though if it is any indication, it might be the young man that appeared in the trailer below – of course, this is just speculation.

PTR Updates, Arrival

Of course, speculations on Doomfist’s existence in the game are strong given he has made a lot of “appearances” in the Public Test Realm (PTR). Reddit user Venxa has posted pictures of an “unfinished” model of a payload that tore through Numbani. Interestingly, this points towards quite the aforementioned announcement above.

Game director Jeff Kaplan tried to clarify Doomfist speculations by saying “24 is not who you think it is.” This statement, made in a Blizzard thread, points towards the supposed blank 24th character slot, dedicated to whoever makes the cut into the roster. On top of all of this, Game Rant and other publications also reported Terry Crews’ (Brooklyn Nine-NineWhite Chicks) interest in the game. While this may be just Crews “riding along,” this is still making fans hope for Doomfist’s appearance.

Regardless, should Oladele or Doomfist make it to the roster, that makes either one of them the third post-launch character in the game. That person will join support-sniper Ana and hacker Sombra in the title’s growing slate of playable heroes. At this point, only Blizzard can confirm which of the two characters – or maybe both – would arrive in the game.

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