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Overwatch Characters: Full List Of Bastion’s Buffs Here


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Overwatch Characters: Full List Of Bastion’s Buffs Here

Some heroes don’t quite fit into the current meta of Overwatch. Take Bastion, who’s a defense hero capable of transforming into a gatling gun turret. It lays siege to enemies before him. However, due to his inability to move, he’s not viable in every situation. Blizzard Entertainment’s designer wants to change all that.

Principal Designer Geoff Goodman On Improving Bastion

Overwatch Principal designer Geoff Goodman talked about tweaking Bastion not too long ago. He posted their plans in an update on the official forums. Furthermore, he mentioned some of the changes that his studio is assembling for the next Public Test Realm (PTR).

Goodman noted some high level adjustments that they want to test in the next PTR for Overwatch. This includes the Recon Mode, where they increased the magazine size. In addition, they amplified the general viability in this mode.

Secondly, they improved the Sentry Mode. The team wanted to focus on this mode more as they aimed to develop it into a tank-buster and barrier-buster mode, all while making it feel less suicidal to be transformed. The group is currently testing certain enhancements, such as increasing the spread and removing headshots, which can take less damage while transformed.

Lastly, Self-Repair. Goodman said that they’ve been testing a few big changes to this. He is confident that they are definitely doing good so far. They are currently building Bastion’s Self-Repair. The changes have turned Bastion’s ability from a more niche and rarely used ability, to a much more powerful tool.

The designer mentioned that they are still testing and tweaking things with Bastion. However, they hope that a PTR build will be done soon so their devoted players can try it out.

All About Bastion

Bastion is an Overwatch hero with two main forms. First, it is mobile bipedal form with a submachine gun. Second is Bastion’s immobile turret form. Both of these perform in unique ways, and must be utilized to their fullest.

The most notable part of Bastion’s kit is Reconfigure, which turns it into a turret gun. Bastion’s turret retains some of the highest damage output in the game, being able to shred through shields and heroes.

However, it poses two major weaknesses to Bastion. The first being immobility, which causes the character to become an easy target. The second is a weak point that appears on Bastion’s back in turret configuration; faster heroes can easily kill the character quickly with this weak point. Bastion is played best when gamers mix both configurations together. Its Recon Configuration’s submachine gun is still a decent weapon if it is accurate.

How are the tweaks made by Blizzard Entertainment on Bastion? Check it out and comment on Video Games Republic.

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