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Overwatch Characters: Full List Of Orisa’s Skills & Abilities

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Overwatch Characters: Full List Of Orisa’s Skills & Abilities

After several teasers that led to different speculations, Blizzard Entertainment finally introduced Orisa, the newest hero joining the Overwatch roster. Orisa would bring more intensity to the battlefield since she would fall under the tank category of the characters.

Aside from confirming Orisa, Blizzard also revealed her official skills which consist of the Fusion Driver, Halt!, Fortify, Protective Barrier, and Supercharger. According to PCGamerplayers can already try out Orisa at the Public Testing Realm (PTR).

Overwatch: List of Skills & Abilities

Fusion Driver

Orisa fires multiple shots from her rapid-fire arm-mounted gun that has three barrels. Taking a look at the direction of the fire, it seems that it would not have a widespread. It has similarities with D.Va’s gun but it slows down while firing.

Although it has a low spread and a slowing fire rate, its accuracy compensates since it is more precise. Orisa does not have any mobility skills so constantly firing the Fusion Driver with good aim would allow her to compete against Tracer and Genji. The Fusion Driver holds 200 bullets and each shot deals 12 damage.


Orisa fires a graviton charge which she can, by will, detonate that would slow nearby enemies and pull them towards the explosion. It has similarities to Zarya’s ultimate abilities but this one does not have a duration. Upon pulling the enemies struct, it immediately releases them thereafter.

This skill would require team coordination for it to be useful. After pulling them into one spot, the best option would be to spray them all down or use an Area-of-Effect (AoE) skill to deal massive damage to all enemies. The best part about the ability is that it only has eight seconds of cool down, making it spam-able.


Orisa buffs herself in a way that would reduce the damage she takes for a temporary time. It also allows her to be not affected by action-impairing effects in Overwatch, making her immune to crowd control (cc) for some period. Overall, it provides a damage reduction of 50 percent for four seconds with a 10 second cool down.

Protective Barrier

Almost like Reinhardt’s shield, the barrier has 900 health and can last out for 20 seconds. The main difference includes the fact that it cannot move alongside Orisa. Protective Barrier has a cooldown of 12 seconds which begins once the Orisa uses the ability.


Orisa’s ultimate allows her to buff the allies in her line of sight, increasing their damage done by 50 percent. It has a range of 25-meter radius and can last up to 15 seconds. However, enemies can easily destroy the Supercharger since it only has 200 health.

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