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Overwatch Characters: Meet 24th Hero Orisa


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Overwatch Characters: Meet 24th Hero Orisa

Players asked for a new Overwatch character and Blizzard delivered. Robotics genius Efi Oladele has just created Orisa – but what is it? A new machine enters the highly-competitive team shooter.

Overwatch has been a massive hit since its May 2016 release. In fact, the title has been so critically-acclaimed it won itself a host of awards, including two Game of the Year titles. However, it seems Blizzard has more plans for its newest entry – and Orisa is just the beginning.

The arrival of Orisa in Overwatch makes it the third post-game character. It follows the lead of support sniper Ana and the hacker Sombra. However, its arrival also poses another question: just how good is it in competitive play?

Overwatch: Efi Oladele and Orisa

Orisa is the much-awaited hero that has been teased by the game’s creators for the past few months. The machine is the brainchild of 11-year-old prodigy Efi Oladele. Orisa is an amalgamation of discarded robot parts after Numbani was attacked by a mysterious figure.

The machine is a four-legged “tank” outfitted with a fusion driver. It has a projectile machine gun that it can use in combat. According to its official character page, Orisa’s new weapon provides it with more range compared to other tanks.

Perhaps most commendable is Blizzard’s decision to reveal Orisa right away. Players had been angry with the recent Sombra reveal. After all, her “alternate reality game” had a lot of twists and turns that angered fans.

Interestingly, fans may want to see just how Orisa’s story connects with that of Doomfist. After all, Doomfist’s gauntlet has been stolen, and the attack in Numbani motivated Oladele to create Orisa. Someone out there may have a more sinister plot than players thought.

A New Tank, Mechanized Mayhem

Orisa’s arrival and the concerns over its performance are very legitimate concerns. After all, the fourth season of the game’s competitive play has just begun. Players who want to try Orisa out for themselves can go ahead and select the robot in the title’s Public Test Realm (PTR).

For curious fans, Orisa actually takes a lot from the game’s other mechanized hero, Bastion. Interestingly, this already poses a point of comparison between the two machines. However, Blizzard was quick to establish differences among Orisa and Bastion, and they prove essential in competitive play.

According to Game Rant, Orisa is the “central anchor” of its team. It has a good defense and a powerful set of attacks to match it. The machine’s “fortify” ability allows it to reduce incoming damage. Players can pair it with another ability, which is a protective barrier. Fans can liken this to Zarya’s own protective shielding.

Interestingly, Orisa can also target enemies with a graviton charge. Its “Halt!” attack can slow enemies down or pull enemies from corners. In a twist, her ultimate is a supercharger that boosts the attack of allies within her line of sight, which can turn the tides of any battle.

Orisa’s inclination to be a tank was a decisive and intentional move. Director Jeff Kaplan said Orisa will provide players with another option should they want a defensive tank. This is important as Orisa’s moving nature allows it to be a walking sentinel, protecting team members around her.

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