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Overwatch Characters: Mei’s Ice Wall Glitch & How It Works

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Overwatch Characters: Mei’s Ice Wall Glitch & How It Works

Can’t seem to get past the 3v3 mode of Overwatch? Fret no more, because there is a glitch at Mei’s ice wall.

Players of the game can’t seem to shoot at the enemies in 3v3 mode. However, it allows the gamers to go outside the level. Blizzard recently sent a new patch, but it failed to resolve the glitch that has been going on for weeks now.

Overwatch Ecopoint: Antarctica Glitch

The bug starts at the map of Ecopoint: Antarctica. Players invade Mei’s former research facility where she stands there frozen. Furthermore, the bug allows Mei to pass through restricted areas, while shooting enemies through walls.

Naturally, players are complaining at the game’s Reddit and official forums. Some gamers took advantage of the glitch by attacking an opponent in a three-versus-three match at the Ecopoint map. Here is a clip of the exact scene in the game.


Image Source: ThatPissedOffDude/Reddit via Giphy

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Blizzard’s Warning

Some gamers might want to take advantage of the glitch. However, Blizzard is keen on banning players who would like to try the bug. The game developer has a history of banning players who exploited past glitches in the game.

Meanwhile, some hardcore fans of the game are offering ways on how to avoid losing because of the glitch. Reddit user Arcanard suggested to kill Mei immediately before she goes through any hanky panky in the game.

Furthermore, he also suggested in using the Hanzo Dragon against Mei. It is a known fact that Mei can block everything except the Dragon. In addition, just load up on the Roadhog or a Hanzo before stepping into a three-versus-three battle.

Being away from the keyboard (AFK) may also work. In the event that Mei pops up in the game, players can pretend that they are on AFK by not moving. Mei will take advantage of the scenario and attempt to kill the character. This is the perfect moment to attack and kill the enemy before it goes to glitch mode.

Apparently, the strategies have been working. A player posted a video where the tricks were tested. It seem to work perfectly well in combatting the cheaters.

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