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Overwatch Characters: More Details Revealed About Pharah’s Dad

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Overwatch Characters: More Details Revealed About Pharah’s Dad

Oh no! Brace yourself for the information that is about to be revealed courtesy of Overwatch creative staff. Still thinking that Reinhardt is Pharah’s father? Read on.

Is Reinhardt Pharah’s Father?

Reinhardt is not Pharah’s father. Lead Writer Michael Chu said so: “But I’m going to say that, no: Reinhardt is not Pharah’s dad.” However, the writer shared that the team has dropped hints here and there on who the protagonist’s father could be. It might be time to revisit the game and look for clues.

Furthermore, Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman and Assistant Game Director Aaron Keller shared details on whether or not there will be an Overwatch film. Regarding such talks, Keller stated that there are no plans on making a film as of the moment. The creative team also shared that there are no plans to bring back Lucioball or Junkenstein anytime soon.

Lucioball was first featured as an exclusive to the Summer Games holiday event. Players could check out the map called Estádio das Rãs for four minutes. Both teams are composed of three players and thus came the holiday character called Lucio. The game is quite easy to follow because it resembles that of a usual soccer game.

Meanwhile, Junkenstein is featured in the Overwatch comics, specifically during the golden age of the game. In the event, players catch up with the characters as they celebrate Halloween. During the celebration, protagonist Reinhardt tells the tale of Jamison Junkenstein, an eccentric doctor who is driven by revenge.

More On Doomfist

In other news, it looks like Doomfist will be appearing in the game soon. This is all thanks to fans who are playing with the newest patch in the game’s public test realm (PTR). Others have already noticed that there are hints connecting to Doomfist.

YouTuber Arekkz shared a video saying that the payload in the Numbani map is a little bit different. Moreover, players saw Doomfist’s gauntlet inside. The next hint is menu music. There appear to be some changes in the tempo and sound in the PTR menu. Fans discovered that this was Doomfist’s theme, as in the same that appeared in the cinematic trailer back in 2014. Arrekz even noted that the Hero Gallery’s entries had a bit of tweaking to them.

It looks like there is an allotment for a space with a new Hero card. Here’s to hoping that the changes will happen soon. Is Terry Crews the new Doomfist? Hopefully, so that his self-promotion efforts are not wasted.

Overwatch is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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