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Overwatch Characters: More Doomfist Info Revealed In PTR


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Overwatch Characters: More Doomfist Info Revealed In PTR

If there is anything entertaining about Overwatch, it’s an abundance of characters. The game appears to be hiding tidbits about Doomfist. This character is the next being teased by developers at Blizzard Entertainment.

Overwatch players can be admired for being hard at work in uncovering information about characters. This is evidenced with support-sniper Ana and hacker Sombra before their official reveals. Blizzard even decided to take the latter to the next level and actually have an “alternate reality” game with her.

However, Overwatch appears to have taken a step back with Doomfist. He is the next to apparently be revealed in the game. This can make him the third post-launch character in the game. Still, are fans accurate this time?

Overwatch: Doomfist Emergent?

The news came courtesy of curious fans tinkering with the newest patch in the game’s public test realm (PTR). Others have already noticed that there are “teases” connecting to Doomfist. At least, this is what fans believe.

YouTuber Arekkz gave fans a recap on the hints players have found throughout the game. His video said the first change could be noticed in the payload in the Numbani map. This was first discovered by Venxa and was posted on Reddit. Players have found a destroyed Numbai payload, albeit an unfinished model, with Doomfist’s gauntlet inside.

The next hint is menu music. There appears to be “change” in the tempo and sound in the PTR menu. Fans discovered that this was not an illusion and was in fact Doomfist’s theme, as in the same that appeared in the cinematic trailer back in 2014. Arrekz even noted that the Hero Gallery’s entries were “shifted” slightly. It is as if they plan to fill in a space with a new Hero card.

More Events, Features

Doomfist’s arrival can be a good “reveal” in the coming months. After all, there are no Valentine’s and Easter events for the game. Sadly, all of these are still speculations so far. Doomfist revelations also became apparent after Terry Crews visited the Overwatch studio. He even did a mock audition for Doomfist.

It can be remembered that these updates are more or less balancing patches for characters. Blizzard’s newest targets are characters Roadhog and Winston, with Bastion the first to be buffed. This is so that these characters will be used more often by other players.

As to whether or not these other “tidbits” also coincide with Doomfist, only Blizzard could tell. Regardless, it is an interesting notion that Blizzard is slowly incorporating a new character in the game. Will Doomfist finally arrive?

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