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Overwatch Characters: Next Hero Might Not Be Doomfist – Here’s Why


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Overwatch Characters: Next Hero Might Not Be Doomfist – Here’s Why

The overarching mythos of Overwatch has made the Blizzard title one of the most popular games of all time. After all, behind the hit team-based shooter is a tragic story of heroism. However, fans may be surprised with its next champion.

Overwatch is the story of the eponymous “hero” squad that is out to defend the world against the Omnics, or their version of robots, that have gone rogue. However, the team was disbanded after a controversial scandal. A few years later, various “mercenaries” have surfaced, each showing signs that they were indeed the famed heroes of the past.

It is up to players, despite the rowdy nature of the game, to discover what really happened to the Overwatch team after they disbanded. This intricate “superhero”-esque nature of the title’s heroes made it so appealing it won the Game of the Year Award for 2016. This is also why fans are always anticipating its next champion. However this time, it may not be who everyone thought it was.

Overwatch: Not Doomfist?

This announcement was courtesy of game director Jeff Kaplan in a post in the game’s forum. He said, “24 (the character slot) is not who you think it is.” This is a decisive post for fans of the title who are so excited to meet the new character.

Fans of the game will all call out a name when asked who the next hero is, and that is Doomfist. He is one of the original members of the squad, known for his massive build and powerful gauntlet. This speculation was solidified after actor Terry Crews started a “campaign” to have Blizzard get him to voice as Doomfist. Fan excitement escalated when he conducted a “mock” audition with the publishers.

In the video from Yahoo! eSports, Crews added Doomfist’s “lines” over some cinematic clips from the game. Fans will be impressed with just how “lifelike” Doomfist sounded with Crews behind the voicing. This may have solidified fan clamor for the character.

Clues, Speculations

Kaplan’s confirmation that Doomfist may not be the next revealed hero will indeed be sad news for some. However, it does spark a new set of rumors: who, then, will the new hero be? After all, if all clues that pointed to Doomfist are not for Doomfist, then what are these “teases” for?

It can be remembered, as Game Rant said, that the first two post-game characters — support-sniper Ana and hacker Sombra — had their exclusive “teases” months before their reveal. For instance, the title kept referencing a secret “sniper” in various media before fully revealing that Ana will be the newest character in the game.

Sombra’s reveal had a more lackluster reception. The hacker was teased in a series of “alternate reality” puzzles that involved players deciphering various pieces of code inside various game elements. Regardless, Sombra was revealed a few months after fan clamor.

The best guess so far is that Doomfist himself may not be taking up the mantle and the famed gauntlet. It can be a protege of his, or maybe perhaps Doomfist under a different name. For now, only Kaplan can decide when to answer these questions.

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