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Overwatch Characters: Orisa Might Not Arrive Until Late March

Overwatch Characters

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Overwatch Characters: Orisa Might Not Arrive Until Late March

Fans of Overwatch may not see Orisa in the game anytime soon. It seems the latest of Overwatch characters will not arrive until late March. This can be bad news for players who want to test the new mobile tank.

Orisa is officially the 24th hero in the growing list of Overwatch characters. She will enter Blizzard’s hit team-based shooter as its third post-launch champion. Orisa was built as a mobile tank with powerful defensive capabilities.

However, players looking forward to use Orisa in Season 4 of competitive play may not be able to do so. Meanwhile, fans may be able to test her capabilities against other Overwatch characters in the Public Test Realm (PTR). Regardless, one question remains: how will Orisa’s arrival affect the entire game?

Overwatch Characters: Orisa’s Arrival

Game director Jeff Kaplan himself explained why Orisa will not be in the title soon. Kaplan said players may bond with Orisa in the PTR until the end of the month. This is good news for fans who want to fully check Orisa’s abilities against other heroes.

Kaplan told this through a forum post. He explained that Orisa still has issues that have to be fixed before she is introduced in the main game. Unfortunately, the title’s director did not elaborate just what issues have to be fixed with the new mobile tank. However, he did emphasize that fixing her in the PTR is the best move for the Blizzard entry so far.

The PTR heralded Orisa’s arrival with a host of updates to other characters as well. Heroes such as support-sniper Ana and hacker Sombra will meet a host of changes to perform better in competitive play. This seems like an indication that the title is slowly preparing for the impact another Tank-class character like Orisa will make.

What Happens Next?

Game Rant explains Orisa’s stay in the PTR is an essential move for Blizzard. This is not because the PTR is for all intents and purposes a beta testing zone. However, this is because a lot of players actually found Orisa very powerful.

For instance, her fellow robot Bastion is a tank-class character as well. Unlike Orisa, Bastion has a stationary “turret” mode that provides him attack and defense boosts. Orisa is a direct opposite, as her abilities allow her to protect teammates while on the move.

Players may find Orisa’s outstanding magazine size a bit overwhelming, as other characters do not have that much firepower. Her ultimate ability, that of a portable shield, also recharges quickly. In response, Blizzard lessened the magazine size and increased the cooldown time of her ultimate ability.

Interestingly, it appears Blizzard’s tank-based characters are tricky to fix. After all, other tanks like Roadhog and D.Va also had a lot of updates throughout Overwatch‘s stay since its May 2016 arrival. Nevertheless, if Blizzard wants to make a mark in the competitive eSports scene, then hero balance is an integral part of the process.

Other Overwatch updates include a new game browser. This, along with Orisa and other balance changes, would hopefully help the title stay in its spot as one of the most popular games worldwide.

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