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Overwatch Orisa Debut Is Today: What To Expect From The New Hero

Overwatch Orisa Debut
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Overwatch Orisa Debut Is Today: What To Expect From The New Hero

Overwatch Orisa debut launches today, though despite going live in the hit multiplayer first-person shooter video game, the character has not been made available in Competitive Mode just yet.

Known as an ‘anchor tank’–a character who provides defense for the team and can take massive bouts of damage–Orisa can instead be played in Arcade Mode, Quick Play, and Play vs. AI. This would provide players with an ample amount of time to come up with strategies on how best to utilize her in Overwatch gameplay.

Overwatch Orisa Debut: Who Is The New Character?

First announced some weeks ago, Orisa, the 24th of the revealed Overwatch characters, is a robot tank created by Efi Oladele, an 11-year-old prodigy who crafted Orisa from scrapped defense robot parts in Numbani.

Comparisons have already been drawn between Orisa and another Overwatch character, Reinhardt, due to similarities in their abilities.

As to why Orisa has yet to be made available in Competitive Play despite making her official debut, the game’s development team revealed that they aim to have players familiarize themselves with Overwatch’s new hero before letting her out in the field of Competitive Mode.

“We want to give players some time to learn about and play Orisa before she’s placed into the crucible of Competitive Play,” explained Scott Mercer, Principal Designer of Overwatch.

Orisa’s Skills And Abilities

According to Play Overwatch, Orisa is capable of long-range attacks whilst strengthening the team’s defenses.

Her abilities include Fusion Driver (an automatic projectile cannon that deals sustained damage), Fortify (reduction in damage intake), Halt! (a graviton charge that can slow down enemies and pull them towards the explosion upon detonation), Protective Barrier (a barrier that can protect the team from incoming damage), and Supercharger (increase in damage inflicted by team members).

Orisa’s impressive roster of skills boasts her capabilities as a formidable tank character for the team. Despite a delay in Competitive Mode, the Overwatch Orisa debut marks a new beginning for players looking into developing even better strategies with an anchor tank.

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