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Overwatch Characters: Orisa Release Date Revealed – What To Expect

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Overwatch Characters: Orisa Release Date Revealed – What To Expect

Weeks after Blizzard included Orisa at the Overwatch Public Testing Realm (PTR), they are ready to include her into the main game. Developers announced that her release date will be on March 21, 2017, across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Along with her release, Blizzard also uploaded a video to their official YouTube channel showing the behind-the-scenes of Orisa’s design. Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch Director, had previously shown his excitement towards the new addition to the game’s roster.

Developers added Orisa at the PTR on March 2, 2017, where they have kept her longer than any other hero. They became worried about her becoming overpowered in Overwatch so they made some tweaks and balances regarding her kit.

Anchor Tank

Orisa is an “Anchor Tank” hero which allows her to provide collective protection for her entire team. Because of her unique classification, Blizzard had a hard time balancing her since putting too much weight on either offense or defense will ruin her.

Since her release in the PTR, developers have made only two minor changes in her skills. They have cut Fusions Driver’s, her weapon, magazine size down by 25 percent and her Supercharger’s charge reduced by 15 percent. The changes made her at par with other heroes, making her finally balanced in the game.

According to GameRant, Orisa’s role in the game is a unique one since Blizzard decided that she will represent the Numbani Map. It is an area in Africa within the game that became known as a high-end technological city. Previous speculations that the one to represent that city is Doomfist was debunked since Orisa’s announcement.

Unique Lore

Orisa’s story is also brand new within the game’s lore because a young and smart girl named Efi recently created her. It means that she will become the game’s youngest hero upon her release next week. Despite her age, it will not stop her from overcoming the battlefield with her skills and abilities.

Orisa’s history might have started the new era for the game’s upcoming heroes because of her extraordinary origin. As of now, both developers and players consider her as balance but that might change once everyone in the game will have the chance to use her next week.

Although she was just released in the PTR, players are already excited for what the next hero Blizzard will bring into the game. Blizzard has not yet made any announcements regarding their plans on the next hero.

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