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Overwatch Characters: Survivability Upgrade & Design Buffs For Bastion

Overwatch Characters

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Overwatch Characters: Survivability Upgrade & Design Buffs For Bastion

Overwatch characters may see a few changes in 2017. Blizzard appears to be currently hard at work in redesigning some characters. This can be just in time for the second year of the hit shooter’s competitive season.

The arrival of Overwatch for consoles made it an instant hit for Blizzard fans. The competitive nature of the shooter allowed the introduction of very interesting Overwatch characters. However, their impressive slate of heroes has made it difficult to equally distribute play times with each character.

This may be the reason why Bastion is included in the roster of Overwatch characters to be reworked. Blizzard provides more details about the redesign of this loveable robot’s arsenal. Interestingly, Bastion may be on its way to become a powerhouse.

Overwatch Characters: Bastion Reworked

According to PC Gamer, Bastion was once “feared” for his massive damage output. This has resulted to his being “reworked” the first time during one of the early updates of the game. Unfortunately, the robot is now one of the most underused heroes in the game.

Players generally point towards its “poor” ratings on survivability, versatility and vulnerability. This is why Blizzard has been paying particular attention to modifying the robot’s skills. However, developers have now revealed just what exactly is going on with Bastion’s “repairs.”

Principal designer Geoff Goodman wrote in a Blizzard post that several elements of the robot’s design are being considered and reworked. This is especially the case with his various “modes.” The overall goal is to “buff” him enough to be both useful and stronger in fights.

Bastion’s new arsenal

Bastion’s Recon Mode will have a decreased bullet spread but an increased magazine size. This is the mode that allows Bastion to run around. Its stationary turret mode called Sentry Mode will be retooled to be more efficient against heavy damage dealers. This means Bastion will be a good defender against tanks.

Goodman said they are currently testing things to be added on Bastion. This means adding features like spreads, removing headshots, and taking less damage in Sentry mode. However, perhaps the most important improvement is with his Self-Repair.

The current internal Bastion build allows it to use Self-Repair while moving and not interrupting it when taking damage. A new addition is some form of “resource” system that is similar to D.Va’s defense matrix. This will hopefully make it a more powerful survivability tool.

Goodman said these designs are currently being tested internally. However, the developers hope to put up a public test server for players to try the new and improved Bastion. This can hopefully make Bastion an interesting pick in competitive variations of Overwatch.

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