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Overwatch Characters: Symmetra Confirmed To Have Autism


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Overwatch Characters: Symmetra Confirmed To Have Autism

Blizzard’s Overwatch has quite a large 24-hero arsenal, and it appears each champion is a nod to diversity. The publisher has unveiled such a development for support specialist Symmetra. However, this new revelation seems to confirm something fans have been wondering for quite some time.

Overwatch opened its doors to gamers last May 2016. The title had very positive ratings to the extent that it won multiple recognitions, including two Game of the Year awards. Moreover, the game now approaches Season 4 of competitive play, and the arrival of the new character Orisa will surely spice things up for players.

However, it seems the Blizzard entry’s overarching plot and unique cast of characters contributed heavily to Overwatch and its growing fame. Moreover, while the game is similar to other multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) where players can take on the role of various champions, perhaps the Blizzard title is the only one possessing a hero roster with considerable depth of personalities.

Overwatch: Revelations for Symmetra

Game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed new details for Symmetra. This was revealed in a response to mail from “Sam the Ultimate Trans Guy” of Tumblr. Moreover, fans can notice that Kaplan has affirmed that Symmetra has autism, as seen in the letter posted by Samuel ( the last name withheld) below.

It can be remembered that Satya Vaswani, codename “Symmetra,” is one of the most intelligent heroes in the game. She is a light-bending architect from the Vishkar Corporation in India. The character’s abilities include manipulating light to create various constructs. Interestingly, fans wondered about Symmetra’s particular fascination with the order.

Additionally, Blizzard later told Polygon that Kaplan’s message is, in fact, accurate. This seems to confirm that Symmetra may have, to some degree, a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Players may notice these tendencies in the comic A Better World, where Symmetra fixes a crooked picture or notice a “perfect” smile.

OverwatchRhenn Anthony Taguiam | Video Games Republic

A letter from Jeff Kaplan confirming new developments about Symmetra’s character. Image from Samuel (last name withheld)’s Tumblr.

A Win for Diversity

Fans of the game may see this as a nod towards diversity. Players across the world praised Blizzard for its unique portrayal of the title’s various characters. Moreover, this revelation about Symmetra may have resonated with players who identified with the hero.

A Better World has a statement from Symmetra that may have moved a lot of fans. It appears Symmetra always considered herself “different,” and that it does not bother her anymore. She explains this is because regardless of her “difference,” she can do things no one else can.

Additionally, her usage of the term “spectrum” and her acceptance of her “differences” have made a positive impact on gamers. This adds another layer of depth to the title’s overall lore. After all, the teleporting hero Tracer had been confirmed to be the game’s first lesbian character last December.

However, Tracer and Symmetra are not the only heroes and circumstances where Blizzard gave a positive nod to diversity. Fans notice subtle characteristics of certain characters and environments that open the game to its diverse fans. For instance, the Russian soldier Zarya is a nod to females with muscular builds, while ice-user Mei resonates with fans of stocky builds.

Some of the characters themselves hail from other countries, which introduces players to a lot of other cultures outside their own. In fact, the game itself has a backstory on diversity, as it features a society that now has robots with personalities.

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