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Overwatch Characters Update: Blizzard To Update Roadhog’s Hook


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Overwatch Characters Update: Blizzard To Update Roadhog’s Hook

Roadhog’s hook is finally getting fixed! Overwatch head designer Geoff Goodman announced that his team will start tweaking the tank hero’s hook. He added that Blizzard will be releasing an updated patch soon.

Roadhog’s Hook Problems In Overwatch


Clip of Roadhog’s Broken Hook | Source: Giphy

Goodman mentioned at the forum that his studio will be uploading a patch for Roadhog’s Hook 2.0 at the Public Test Realm soon.

The problematic hook latches the players through walls. Additionally, it also takes its rivals through payloads, other players, and even multiple walls. It was quite evident that Roadhog was able to defy gravity with his powerful-by-accident hook.

Players are complaining that the biggest problem with Roadhog’s hook in the game is that it doesn’t let them retaliate. They are hoping that Blizzard can fix this and give them a window of opportunity to counter-attack.

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Hook 2.0 Fix Details

Goodman gave gamers an overview of the fix. For starters, Roadhog’s rival will be able to transition to a position in front of Roadhog, instead of towards him. They will be putting a cap on how far his opponent can be pulled. In addition, his team aims to make the hook feel more stable up to where the rivals can be pulled.

Furthermore, they will be fixing the line-of-sight. Instead of using the hook’s position, the studio will be using Roadhog’s perspective. A logical fix for the character, so he can’t jab to opponents’ that he can’t see.

Lastly, the hook now checks back to Roadhog once it has landed. If the line-of-sight check did not calibrate well, the hook dismantles and goes back to Roadhog. Goodman illustrated that if the gamer gets hooked, it will now break and pull the target.

The adjustments will make Roadhog a little weaker. However, his moves will be logical now and will give the gamer an opportunity to retaliate. Wait for an update at the Public Test Realm (PTR) to know if the patch is available. Blizzard is looking into rolling out the patch within the week.

Overwatch is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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