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Overwatch Characters: What We Know So Far About Doomfist

Overwatch Characters
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Overwatch Characters: What We Know So Far About Doomfist

Blizzard’s hottest game is slowly becoming one of the most favorite titles this 2017. Overwatch launched in May, packed with new content through holiday events, patches, and skin unlocks. There are a lot of Overwatch characters that will be coming out as well. Check out some of the facts surrounding the appearance of Doomfist.

Overwatch Characters: Doomfist In Focus

Added characters such as Ana Amari and Sombra made fans very happy, with forums full to the brim of gamers discussing the characters. Next, one of the Overwatch characters named Doomfist is seen all over the game. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed that his arrival will happen soon.

Doomfist was originally not one of Overwatch characters. He is a moniker for anyone who gets their hands on a powerful gauntlet. The gauntlet was seen in the cinematic trailer for Overwatch back in 2014. In the trailer, gamers caught a glimpse of Doomfist’s gauntlet when other characters were checking out various exhibits.

Numbani Exhibit Hints The Appearance of Doomfist

The gauntlet was placed in the museum by Winston, one of the Overwatch characters who defeated Doomfist in the past. The Reaper and Widowmaker are aiming to increase their goals of Talon. This includes stealing the gauntlet, and returning it to the owner. The gauntlet can be found in the payload of the Numbani Map.

Numbani is the City of Harmony. Furthermore, it is one of the places that lets omnics and humans live equally. The City of Harmony organizes a Unity Day celebration to remember the achievements of their land.

Now, to commemorate the festivities, the city launched a Doomfist exhibit at the Numbani Heritage Museum. The place features a lot of Doomfist paraphernalia, specially the one near the final spawn point. Even more, the three banners on the wall show a different character possessing the gauntlet. First, it showed Adhabu Ngumi also known as the Savior. Secondly Akinjide Adeyeme (The Scourge) was in the middle banner. Lastly, an unknown character with the Successor printed in its banner.

There is a possibility that the Successor might be the next character. While the hints are quite uncanny, Blizzard will reveal details if the Doomfist character will be a reality or not. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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