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Overwatch Characters: Why Orisa’s Ultimate Is Almost Impossible To Beat


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Overwatch Characters: Why Orisa’s Ultimate Is Almost Impossible To Beat

New Overwatch characters have been placed in public test realms (PTR) prior to their release for a reason. Orisa’s arrival seems to be a good demonstration. In fact, it appears the game’s 24th champion is a tad a bit too powerful to match.

Orisa arrives in Blizzard’s hit Overwatch title as its latest hero. Robotics prodigy Efi Oladele created Orisa as a “protector” of the innocent. The mechanical monstrosity is a mobile Tank-role character, capable of dishing heavy damage while protecting her teammates.

Blizzard appears to have created Orisa to address the game’s lack of heavy-hitters. Overwatch already has a mechanical Defense-class hero in the form of Bastion. However, unlike Orisa, Bastion is capable of having a Sentry mode that glues it to the ground. Oladele’s creation appears to be his mobile counterpart.

Overwatch: Overpowered Orisa?

Unfortunately, it appears Orisa still needs a few improvements. A Reddit user reported what seems to be a bug that makes the robot’s Ultimate ability too overpowerful to conquer. As described in the post, the bug allows Orisa to place her Ultimate ability “inside” the map. This makes it almost impossible to destroy.

Orisa’s Ultimate ability is called the Supercharger. This is a small device that increases the damage of her allies as long as they are within her line of sight. The ability normally lasts 15 seconds, unless opponents destroy it.

The glitch makes the device go “inside” some structures like stairs and walls. Since these structures are indestructible, the Supercharger gets “embedded” inside of them. This makes the Supercharger indestructible as well. Others may argue that they simply have to wait for 15 seconds for it to disappear, but in competitive play, 15 seconds can make a huge difference.

Tactics, Taking Advantage of the Bug

Tech Times explained in a post just how players can exploit this bug. It details that gamers in the Numbani map can “place” the Supercharger inside the payload. This means players get buffs as long as they move. A lot of fans consider this unfair as the very fact that the Supercharger can be destroyed is the supposed trade-off with its buffs.

Unfortunately, Blizzard is yet to make a response about the glitch. However, this appears to be one of the reasons why Orisa – and in retrospect, previously introduced characters – cannot be “just” placed in the main game. After all, bugs like these can easily ruin the title’s competitive play feature.

Regardless, players who want to train with Orisa can use her in the PTR. Meanwhile, those who want to test their skills in competitive player-versus-player (PvP) can join the game’s Season 4 of competitive play.

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