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Overwatch Christmas Event Update: When & What Time Will It End

Overwatch Christmas Event
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Overwatch Christmas Event Update: When & What Time Will It End

Fans of the game have been anticipating the end of the Overwatch Christmas Event, titled Winter Wonderland. Here’s a comprehensive event schedule to avoid losing any important items in the game.

Overwatch Christmas Event Schedule

Winter Wonderland officially ends on Jan. 2. The game giant has not announced the exact time the event ends, but it is important to strategize early. Start unlocking every seasonal item in the game before January 1 kicks in.

This strategy will slash the problems that occurred during the last Halloween event. It ended earlier than expected, locking items that were left unused. Players toiling on top-tier skins until the very last minute to get the premium items were shocked when Blizzard ended the game at 3PM instead of 4PM. Gamers who did not get their items before the deadline can use their premium items next year.

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Hidden Details In Winter Wonderland

Lots of secrets are found hiding in the new skins, sprays, and maps. In the Overwatch Christmas Event, Zarya has three different emote scenes when she opened her mystery gift. The emotes can be seen in this video by Akshon Esports. The opening billboard also sneaks an image of Scrooge McCree frowning behind the cheerful group of Tracer, Torbjörn, Lúcio and Mei.

The winter loot boxes replaced the usual packages seen during the regular gameplay. There are over a hundred cosmetic skins that dress up the characters in fancy Christmas outfits. The fancy Christmas ensemble can be acquired by working on character level ups. Players can also purchase the trimmings if they are in a hurry.

Symmetra’s new abilities are included in the Winter Wonderland patch update. The Photon Barrier improved her original Photon Shield ability immensely. It blocks the enemies as it charges forward into the air. The update also fixed bugs that interfere with the user experience. The heroine can now choose from the Teleporter and the new Shield Generator during battles.

Fans of the game will surely miss playing the stunning Christmas graphics in Overwatch once the event ends on Jan. 2. The game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Stay tuned to VGR for more updates on Overwatch.

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