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Overwatch Christmas Skins DLC Released: All Sweaters, Costumes & Santa Torbjörn!

Overwatch Christmas
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Overwatch Christmas Skins DLC Released: All Sweaters, Costumes & Santa Torbjörn!

The Overwatch Christmas patch is now up, and along with it the anticipated Christmas Skins, event-specific modes, and maps.

To stay true to the spirit of Christmas, just for logging into the game, players would also receive a free icon and a winter loot box! Aside from the Christmas wrapper, the winter loot box differs from a standard one, as anyone who opens them has a chance of unlocking new items in the game.

Overwatch Christmas Costumes

Unfortunately, not everyone gets a holiday makeover. This is much like the Halloween event where everyone didn’t get a costume like they didn’t receive any candy from Trick or Treating. Blizzard still hasn’t offered an explanation for such actions, but hopefully everyone will receive their own in the future.

The following characters are the ones fortunate enough to be on Santa’s ‘nice’ list to receive a Christmas costume:

  1. “Santaclad” Torbjorn – also dubbed as “Santabjörn”
  2. “Mei-rry” Mei – the pun just adds more fun in this costume
  3. “Rudolph” Roadhog
  4. “Nutcracker” Zenyatta
  5. “Peppermint” Sombra
  6. “Jingle” Tracer
  7. “Yeti” Winston
  8. “Scrooge” McCree
  9. “Shiver” Reaper
  10. “Frostbite” Pharah
  11. “Andes” Lucio
  12. “Frosted” Zarya

Games Radar had also posted an image for each costume.

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Christmas Maps

As predicted, expect maps to be decorated for the holidays. Hanamura and King’s Row are the maps to receive this treatment.

Holiday Event-Specific Modes

  1. Mei’s Snowball Offensive – the event-specific mode featuring the character most suited for the snow-filled holidays! Everyone plays as Mei in this 6v6 single-elimination event set in the Ecopoint Antarctica map. Every player also wields a single-shot snowball gun that could only be reloaded on piles of snow across the map, making this a fun snowball fight. Mei must have been really nice this Christmas to receive all this special treatment.
  2. Winter Mystery brawl – in this mode, the player’s character is selected at random every time they respawn.

It’s best to start playing now to experience the Overwatch holidays to its fullest, as the holiday patch would only be up until January 2, according to Game Spot.

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