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Overwatch Comics Confirm Queer Character: Meet Tracer’s Girlfriend Emily

Overwatch comics
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Overwatch Comics Confirm Queer Character: Meet Tracer’s Girlfriend Emily

Overwatch has been making headlines throughout the year. Not only is the game very popular and widely played but its latest comics, Reflection, just confirmed its first queer character. The character that was revealed in the Overwatch comics did not really surprise everyone.

Tracer, one of the most popular characters in Overwatch, has always been depicted and considered LGBTQ in fanfics and social networks. Tumblr, for example, has a lot of posts on Tracer as such even before Overwatch‘s launch in May. She is often paired with Widowmaker, another female character, who is apparently her nemesis.

According to a report by IGN‘s Lucy O’Brien, the game’s fandom has helped the culture of the game grow much bigger. That is probably the reason why Blizzard Entertainment considered adding more queer characters in Overwatch. As per Polygon‘s report, members of the game’s production team confirmed during the November BlizzCon event that fans will get to hear more about the game’s diverse cast soon.

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Tracer and girlfriend Emily share a kiss

The update for the Overwatch comics, Reflections, follows Tracer as she spends a warm holiday with her girlfriend Emily and several other cast members. The comics starts off with Tracer reflecting that her previous holidays were lonely. However, she knows that this year will be different.

Although Emily’s identity was not revealed yet, Tracer was trying to get a gift for her but failed to do so. She then receives a gift from a stranger she helped which Emily thought was the gift Tracer got for her. When Tracer came home, Emily opened the present and kissed Tracer as a sign of her gratitude.

The Overwatch comics update ends with the lovely couple surprising and eventually spending the holidays with Winston who was lonely at the thought of being alone for the holidays.

Catch Reflections which went live a couple of hours ago on Overwatch‘s website.

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