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Overwatch Competitive Play Season 4 Begins: Details & How To Join


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Overwatch Competitive Play Season 4 Begins: Details & How To Join

Blizzard is taking yet another big step towards a global eSports presence. Overwatch has just entered the fourth season of competitive play. Players can once again test their skills in one of the world’s most popular video games.

Players and eSports enthusiasts can gear up as Overwatch League Season 4 has just begun. Fans of the game who weren’t able to join last time can finally try to make a name for themselves. Let’s Play enthusiasts can also start tuning to their favorite channels for hours’ worth of new footage.

Overwatch took the world by storm with its May 2016 release. In fact, its surprisingly positive reception was more than enough to win it two Game of the Year Awards and praises for its art style, gameplay, and story. However, if these are any indication, this means the game is more than ready to take it up a notch.

Overwatch League: Season 4 Details & How to Join

Players who want to join Competitive Play can log into the game and complete their placement matches. This allows them to see their progress if ever they joined Season 3. These statistics may be important for players as they need to assess which of the 23 characters will become their “mains” as, after all, not all heroes fit everyone’s playstyles.

Interested players can look at a recent Blizzard blog post about the new Season. If recent patches are an indication, Blizzard has been preparing for competitive play for a while. In fact, players who updated to Patch 1.8 may see the biggest changes exactly for Season 4.

Players with Skill Level 500 and below will also not be shown in the leaderboards. Blizzard explained that a lot of players try to get a low Skill Level to get matched with low-level players. The studio wants to remedy this by eliminating a motivation for fans to stick with a low Skill Level intentionally.

Meanwhile, players under the Diamond Level will have to play seven games a week to keep their rank. Diamond-ranked players have Skill Points of 3,000 and above, but these decay over time. Fans with this prestige simply had to play a single game a week before, but now it seems Blizzard is upping the ante.

Preparations, Updates

According to Game Rant, maps for Assault, Escort and Hybrid maps will now have a respawn delay for defenders. However, this only happens if there are more attackers than defenders at a certain point. The Blizzard blog post explained this will help prevent timer stalling and reduce the number of ties. However, the studio did mention that they are still trying to find more ways to fix ties.

This is important for players wanting to achieve the Top 500 tier. Winners of these ranks will see that Blizzard will take off a few features. In old Seasons, players who are in the Top 500 during a season will get the rewards at the end of the period. Now players have to remain in the Top 500 as the Season ends to get them. This will hopefully inspire players to be more competitive.

Players can participate in the game’s foray into competitive eSports beginning last March 1. The title is available for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Fans will have to update to Patch 1.8, which adds the Game Browser and the new Capture the Flag mode, to join Competitive Play.

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