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Overwatch Custom Games Exploit Might Lead To A Ban – Here’s Why

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Overwatch Custom Games Exploit Might Lead To A Ban – Here’s Why

Blizzard Entertainment has addressed the issue regarding the abuse of custom games in order to gain experience and loot boxes in Overwatch. Developers said that they would ban those who would take part in his XP (experience points) abuse.

After the Game Browser went live, players managed to find a custom game exploit that granted them experience without even moving. Blizzard implemented an ‘away from the keyboard’ (AFK) timer so that players would automatically get kicked out of Overwatch.

In addition to this, developers also removed the experience gained in custom games making any attempt useless. According to GameRant, they hope that other Overwatch players would report those still abusing custom games so that they can take action.

Loot Boxes through Custom Games

The only thing that players can gain from abusing custom games is loot boxes that can contain big rewards. Loot boxes could have different random accessories for the heroes which range from normal to rare.

Normally, players have to purchase loot boxes with real money but because of the exploit, they can gain some for free. Instead of doing it with custom games, players can do it the right way by just playing the game with other people.

Polygon reports that Blizzard had started warning its players to not take the exploit as a joke. If players would continue to keep doing it despite the removal of experience, their account might get temporarily or permanently banned.

Safe Ways to Obtain Loot Boxes

Instead of forcing loot boxes out of custom games, players can just play with a group of friends in a normal mode. This would give them a 20 percent experience point bonus allowing the levels to come up quickly.

More levels would mean more loot boxes since the game would give players a loot box each level. If friends are offline, the player can use the “Stay as Team” feature so the game would give the 20 percent experience point bonus next game.

Another way that players can earn loot boxes is through the Arcade Mode. In the said mode, players have to win three times in order to obtain an extra loot box. However, players can only win up to a maximum of three extra loot boxes per week.

Players can also go for the first win for every Arcade game mode for loot boxes. If options have run out, they can still purchase loot boxes from Blizzard with real money:

  • 2 loot boxes — $1.99
  • 5 loot boxes — $4.99
  • 11 loot boxes — $9.99
  • 24 loot boxes — $19.99
  • 50 loot boxes — $39.99

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