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Overwatch Devs To Ban Mouse & Keyboard On Consoles


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Overwatch Devs To Ban Mouse & Keyboard On Consoles

Blizzard appears to be pretty upset towards players who use a special mouse and keyboard on consoles while playing Overwatch. This can become a potential problem for console players who have grown accustomed to use these special devices. The case may worsen if Blizzard actually pushes through with its plan.

Overwatch was released last May 2016 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It easily overtook the charts when it comes to the most-played games in some countries. This, coupled with its compelling art, story and gameplay, may have paved way for it winning the 2016 Game of the Year awards.

However, Overwatch also has its competitive tournament mode. Players are arranged in brackets, with points they have to protect so ardently to keep their ranks. The stance of Blizzard against a mouse and keyboards on consoles may have a bigger effect on its players than imagined.

Overwatch: No More Special Devices?

This news was courtesy of a post on the official forum of the game. Blizzard vice president Jeff Kaplan expressed his and the company’s concerns about the usage of special devices that allow the mouse and keyboards to be used in consoles while playing the game. He reiterated this point, saying the game’s team “objects to the use of mouse and keyboard on console.”

It seems the game’s team themselves reached out to big names such as Microsoft and Sony. They “expressed [their] concern[s]” with players using “input conversion devices” on their consoles to enable the mouse and keyboards while playing the hit team-based shooter. Microsoft and Sony did not give a response to this yet.

Gameplay Changes?

According to IGN, Kaplan added that the team lobbied, and “will continue to lobby” for first-party console manufacturers, two options. The first is to disallow a mouse and keyboard and input conversion devices. The second is to openly and easily support a mouse and keyboard for all players who want to use them.

This seems to be a reasonable choice. However, should the input conversion devices be banned, then this can be bad news for ranked players dependent on these devices. Although, Blizzard has not made any updates regarding this situation yet. This is integral as the game’s Third Season for competitive play just started on November 30 of last year, with no ending yet in sight.

The game currently has 25 million players. However, this is not stopping the game from wanting to introduce more modes and players. Two new post-launch characters, support-sniper Ana and the hacker Sombra, were introduced just within last year. It seems a new one, called Doomfist, is on his way to the game.

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