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Overwatch Free Weekend Gameplay Update: Blizzard Drops Sombra, Follows Gearbox Pattern!

Overwatch Sombra Dropped From Exclusive Free Weekend Gameplay?
Overwatch Sombra Dropped From Exclusive Free Weekend Gameplay?


Overwatch Free Weekend Gameplay Update: Blizzard Drops Sombra, Follows Gearbox Pattern!

Overwatch became an instant hit when Blizzard introduced it for the free beta tests. The game has more than 20 million players as of now. More users may add during the free weekend offer. However, the game developer has dropped Sombra from the list of characters. Hence, players will now have to play with the 22 old characters.

Recently Blizzard announced that the Overwatch would have a free weekend on PS4, Xbox One and PS4 from 18th to 21st November. But players can only keep their loot box rewards and progress if they use the same account and purchase the game. It indicates that the game developer wants to encourage more purchases just before Black Friday.

Sombra To Come To The Overwatch During Third Season?

The main intention of Blizzard behind offering a free weekend is to make the game a top contender of this season, reports Forbes. Such moves will definitely help the game move ahead in the list as it already boasts of a huge fanbase.

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However, the free weekend offer will grant access to only 22 heroes. It means that Sombra will be the most likely exclusion. It is understandable since Blizzard announced the characters just a week ago at its annual event, BlizzCon 2016.

Another reason could be that the second season of the game will end on 24th November. So, the Californian game developer will most probably introduce Sombra from the third season onwards.

Blizzard Follows Gearbox Pattern!

Whether it is a coincidence or just a clever planning, Blizzard does seem to follow the pattern of another game developer, Gearbox. Recently the Texas-based company announced the Battleborn Day, an idea that will help the players unlock all its heroes. Gearbox in return will reward the players with big bonuses on a particular day.

And the latest free weekend move announcement from Blizzard came just a few hours after the Gearbox announcement. It does indicate that the game developer is following the pattern of the Battleborn Day free bonuses. More importantly, it does not want any game to overpower the hype created by the Overwatch at the BlizzCon event.

Both ways, it is a win-win situation for the players who can enjoy the two games with exclusive rewards and bonuses.

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