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Overwatch Guide To Lucio’s ‘The Floor Is Lava’ Achievement

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Overwatch Guide To Lucio’s ‘The Floor Is Lava’ Achievement

Lucio fans can rejoice with the arrival of this new Overwatch guide for his The Floor Is Lava achievement. It may not be as hard as it seems. Get in gear as we tackle this tricky goal.

Fans may have been looking for the perfect Overwatch guide when it comes to achievements. After all, the lengthy roster of characters offer plenty of options for skill tests. The wide roster of champions allows players to test various play styles in the hit Blizzard game.

However, this one Overwatch guide takes you to one of Lucio’s trickiest achievements. The Floor Is Lava remains one of the hardest goals to beat in game. Fret not, because we’ve got you covered.

Overwatch Guide: What Lava?

Other goals from other champions can involve rather complicated feats as well. For instance, McCree can actually stop an enemy ultimate with his flashbang. Soldier 76 will also have to kill two enemies at the same time with his Helix Rocket.

Still, Lucio’s The Floor Is Lava remains the trickiest of the champions’ roster of insanely hard tasks. After all, Lucio has to get three kills while riding on walls. This is tricky as it is as champions are getting harder to kill in recent patches.

The task itself appears daunting. Players have to keep track of enemy bars while running up walls. This is hard enough, but having to do it three times is overkill.

However, iDigitalTimes offers various options players could take to train for the endeavor. Some Reddit users used unconventional methods as well. For instance, Reddit user myselfornot had his entire team quit the match. And, then his opponents were kind enough to be killed off for the achievement.

Getting the Lucio Achievement

Still, this doesn’t mean the achievement is impossible. However, be prepared as players with Lucio mains still had to clock 60 to 70 hours of gameplay. If you’re not scared of this sheer gameplay prospect, here are more tips at your disposal:

  • Use Lijiang Tower: This is the stage with the most open spaces near walls. This makes riding them very easier to do. If you have enemies nearby, you can ride on the temple and push them off a map.
  • Use Booping: You don’t need to kill characters to get the achievement, but you have to land the killing blow. This means you can simply push enemies off the cliff to win. You don’t have to be an awesome wall-runner, just steady enough to land the blow.
  • Lots of Patience: The key is to hold the jump button while running on a wall and aiming at the same time. This is an extremely tricky affair as it is. However, getting this achievement is a pinnacle of hand-eye coordination, so everyone ought to give this a try.

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