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Overwatch Mei Glitch: Blizzard To Punish Players Who Use Ice Wall Cheat

Overwatch Mei
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Overwatch Mei Glitch: Blizzard To Punish Players Who Use Ice Wall Cheat

Players who exploited the Overwatch Mei glitch might need to say goodbye to the game soon. Blizzard announced that they will aggressively remove players who used the glitch to their advantage.

Jeff Kaplan On Overwatch Mei Glitch

Game director Jeff Kaplan was obviously not impressed with gamers who abused the glitch. He stressed in the Overwatch forums that, “We take aggressive action against people who abuse game mechanics, hack or cheat. This case is no different.”

Kaplan went on saying that Overwatch is a peer versus peer (PVP) experience. Furthermore, the game mechanics are sacred and anyone who exploits its weakness will impact those who are following the rules religiously.

Fix Release Date

On the other hand, the director was happy to report that a fix is on its way. Kaplan said in the same forum that they are hoping to eliminate the Overwatch Mei glitch sometime today, January 5. In addition, he reported that the bug was quite tricky to track down. However, his team was able to discover a fix.

The studio is currently in the testing phase. Nonetheless, gamers can expect that an Overwatch update will be released soon.

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What Is The Glitch?

Those who are not aware of the bug need to know that it can happen somewhere at Ecopoint: Antarctica. This is somewhere at Mei’s former research facility where she was cryogenically frozen.

The glitch lets Mei defy the laws of matter by passing through restricted areas. Even more, shooting her rivals through walls. Obviously, gamers are having trouble trying to counter attack the character’s uncanny abilities. This resulted to losing points unfairly in the three versus three (3v3) stage.

Luckily, some players discovered diversionary tactics to avoid losing hopelessly. Users in Reddit shared effective tricks on how to at least eliminate the bug before it wreaks havoc. One of the strategies mentioned was killing Mei immediately.

Secondly, using a Hanzo Dragon against the buggy character can also do the trick. The rest of the tips can be found here and on Reddit.

Meanwhile, Kaplan apologized for not fixing the bug sooner. The director hopes that his team will be able to remove it from the game, “along with those who abused it.” Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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