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Overwatch Oasis Map Now Available: What To Expect From Desert City

Overwatch Oasis Map
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Overwatch Oasis Map Now Available: What To Expect From Desert City

With Overwatch’s Christmas season behind us, the game doesn’t seem to be slacking off as it reels players back this year with a new Overwatch Oasis map.

Blizzard announced that the new Overwatch Oasis map is available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One starting January 3. The map is also available on the PC version of the game.

Oasis isn’t a surprise since it was already announced back in November during Blizzcon along with the introduction of the character Sombra. The map has also been around on the Public Test Region servers. But today, it’s officially out for all players to use.

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The new map is used for the Control gametype. It’s set in an Arabian desert-like city but with a futuristic setting. It’s complete with high rise buildings and palm trees lining the streets. The setting also seems to be busy with traffic so it poses a challenge for players to have to dodge through it.

Blizzard describes the map as a “monument to human ingenuity and invention.” Oasis is apparently a city where scientific progress has been dedicated to. The place is governed by a group of “brilliant minds” called the Ministries. Due to the incredible brains behind the development of the city, it has attracted powerful organizations around the globe to it.

What’s New

The new Overwatch Oasis map also contains something new for the game which are the jump pads. Blizzard once explained that these jump pads won’t only be used to move around but they’re also used to improve one’s Ultimate abilities. One example is McCree’s.

In addition, Blizzard also announced that they’re working on new heroes and ways for players to enjoy custom games in Overwatch.

It truly is an exciting new year for Overwatch fans. Keep posted on Video Games Republic for more surprises from Blizzard.

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