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Overwatch PS4 Characters: Before Season 3, New Reaper Toy Released for $150

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Overwatch PS4 Characters: Before Season 3, New Reaper Toy Released for $150

All Overwatch PS4 characters might soon have their own official figure, with the recent release of the Reaper statue costing $150.

The Reaper figure stands 12 inches tall and is made of polystone material. This masterpiece is sculpted by Brian Fay.

Descriptions aren’t enough to do justice to the figure. So here are some detailed images of the figure posted by GameSpot.. It is available at pre-order now for the cost of $150, definitely worth its price if one has the money to burn.

The figure is set to be released in two batches — the first batch would be shipped before the end of March, the second batch is expected to be shipped before the end of September.

The very first Overwatch PS4 character to have a figurine, however, is Tracer. Check it out at the official Blizzard website.  It costs the same as the Reaper figure, so the same price is expected for upcoming Overwatch figures.

Blizzard has already several Overwatch PS4 official collectibles available, mainly under the Funko Pop! Toyline. There are also a few plushies as well.

The Polystone statues are filed under Premium Collectibles. Fans of the game who prefer a more accurate and serious tone to their display would definitely prefer the figurines. Due to the lack of official figures at the moment, there are bootleg Overwatch figures out there.

As December draws near, the Reaper statue would definitely be the perfect gift for Reaper fans. An upcoming Christmas-themed event is expected to be on its way in the game. Season 3 is set to be released this December.

With 2 Overwatch figurines already out, one could definitely keep their hopes up for their beloved characters to be released in glorious polystone form. A figure of D.Va would really be nice, though the question is if her mech would be included or sold separately.

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