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Overwatch Tracer: Character’s History & Original Abilities Revealed

Overwatch Tracer

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Overwatch Tracer: Character’s History & Original Abilities Revealed

Overwatch Tracer is one of Blizzard title’s most iconic heroes. Her orange jumpsuit is easily one of the most recognizable outfits from the game. However, it seems the publisher had different ideas during her creation.

The title has become one of Blizzard’s most popular franchises. Overwatch has won two Game of the Year awards and numerous recognition since its May 2016 release. It may seem evident that fans will be curious about some parts of the game’s creation. Lore enthusiasts may take particular interest in the conception of some characters, like Overwatch Tracer.

Fortunately, the game’s creative director Jeff Kaplan has participated in an on-the-spot AskMeAnything segment in Reddit. This gave fans the opportunity to ask some of their biggest questions to one of the people responsible for the much-beloved title. In a surprising twist, it seems Overwatch Tracer isn’t what she’s supposed to be.

Overwatch Tracer: Concept, Creation

The answers have come straight from the AskMeAnything Subreddit. In this particular thread, Kaplan answered some of the most burning questions from his fans and critics. From his answers, it appears Kaplan was more than willing to indulge gamers for details on the game’s creation – particularly, Tracer.

Tracer is known to be game’s resident speedster. Her trademark guns and her short time travel skill easily made her a fan favorite. However, Kaplan revealed this was not Tracer’s original concept.

In earlier iterations of the game’s development, they still had no models for Tracer’s guns. This meant they had to make her attacks come from “somewhere.” Much to the surprise of fans, these actually came in the form of laser eyes.

It may be interesting to see just how Tracer appeared as a character model before her current appearance. Unfortunately, Kaplan did not emphasize on this particular remark. Still, fans may now speculate that this is the original purpose of her thick goggles.

According to Game Rant, fans consider the character Torbjorn as the core inspiration for the rest of Overwatch‘s design. This is particularly because of his aesthetics. However, other fans may contest this theory as Tracer is the first character to be released for Overwatch. This effectively made Tracer the “mascot” of the game.

Behind the Scenes

However, players may want to read some more details about the creation of Overwatch as a whole. After all, the game has become one of Blizzard’s top titles in the year. It is interesting, especially for hardcore Blizzard fans, to know just what happened behind the scenes.

Overwatch was actually the result of a six-week pitch. Kaplan and his team were set to work on other Blizzard games (such as World of Warcraft or Heroes of the Storm) if they did not make a “compelling” pitch. His teammate Arnold Tsang made the first concept art of the characters. The now hit title was supposed to be a roleplaying game, but it eventually became a team-based shooter.

The AskMeAnything feature included more information about details of the game’s creation. This is perhaps the closest players could get to know Jeff Kaplan as a developer. Aspiring creators may want to take notes from the creative director.

He mentioned that he did not know that “game development” was actually a job. Kaplan only knew of programmers and talented artists, but not “developers” in themselves. His love for games made him change careers when he was 29 years old.

Aside from these, Kaplan revealed that his favorite characters are Hanzo and Genji, the brothers who use the bow and the katana, respectively. He is currently enjoying Zelda Breath of the Wild. Unfortunately, Kaplan made sure not to make any announcements about future updates of Overwatch.

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