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Overwatch Update: 22,000 Korean Players Banned For Hacking

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Overwatch Update: 22,000 Korean Players Banned For Hacking

Overwatch is in the news yet again for Blizzard banning a whopping 22,865 gamers due to hacking. This is regarded as a crucial yet tiny move towards preventing cheating on Korean servers. Blizzard has announced this ban in a forum post that is making headlines.

The post talks of several restrictive sanctions imposed on these players. The offenders are facing the heat for unauthorized third party program usage.

PC Gamer reports that Blizzard admits its awareness of Overwatch being distributed throughout several communities. The company is now hell bent on taking as many preventive measures as required. The company is also focusing on ensuring “a pleasant game environment” for a “majority of good players” as per its statement.

Will This Step Work? 

The company will be taking all necessary measures with regard to game creation, distribution and usage alike. However, this step is only a drop in the ocean when it comes to fighting hacking issues. The major problem lies in easy access for Korean players.

This access is granted through PC Bangs LAN-based gaming outlets. These games allow customers to get their fill of premium games with hourly charges. Polygon reports that several of these outlets also have collaborations with publishers of games.

Through these deals, these outlets fork out a flat rate to the publishers for all their users. In return, customers can play all games without needing to buy accounts or shell out subscription charges. Overwatch gamers at any such outlet do not pay up $40 for a game copy.

They only pay the hourly rate to the centre in question. This is the major problem dogging Blizzard in its spirited fight against hacking. Cheaters are finding ways to hack into the game.

How This is a Menace

The hackers are ending up victorious through third-party software downloads or even through nukes. The latter process involves causing huge lags on opponent connections. In case any PC Bang gamer is banned for hacking, he/she can still create a new account and continue just like before.

In other global regions, players pay up the requisite amount for game copies in case their accounts were banned. Hacking has also not reared its ugly head elsewhere apart from Korea in the case of Blizzard. Banning these hackers is definitely a good step.

However, this may only be a temporary game changer. Blizzard still has a lot to do in order to combat widespread hacking.

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