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Overwatch Update Adds Health Bars In Spectator Mode

Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / ggDoa

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Overwatch Update Adds Health Bars In Spectator Mode

Viewing Overwatch matches in third-person spectator view can be a challenge. There’s so much going on that it’s difficult keeping track of players. But now, it seems like all that is going to change.

A user on Youtube and a player going by the name of ggDoa, noticed that there are health bars above players in Overwatch. He expressed that this was something he wanted from Blizzard. To have the developers finally include it makes watching the game and keeping track of what’s going on easier.

This Overwatch feature seems to be available in Public Test Regions (PTR) for now. Hopefully, the feature can be available for everyone and not just on the PC.

Health Bars Are Optional

What ggDoa noticed while he was playing the game is that the health bars can be toggled on and off. This gives viewers the option whether or not to have the health bars on or off. But then again, the health bars help understand who’s losing or winning when you’re just a spectator so one might want this turned on all the time.

ggDoa expressed that by having the health bar feature in spectator mode, one can understand the “narrative of the fight” more. He describes that it makes the game more exciting. This also prevents the player from having to go back and forth to the screen and the life bars on top.

Available Soon?

As mentioned above, the health bar feature is only available on PTR for now. But ggDoa believes it could be available for everyone and will go live soon.

A PTR allows players to beta test certain features in the game before it is released for everyone to use. It could be that Blizzard is having the health bar feature tested first or check for reactions from players before putting it up live.

To check out the health bar option, watch this video by ggDoa below.

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