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Overwatch Update Adds More Changes To Roadhog’s Hook

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Overwatch Update Adds More Changes To Roadhog’s Hook

Roadhog finally gets a makeover. Take a look at the tweaks Blizzard did to this Overwatch character.

Overwatch Roadhog’s Hook Renovation

Blizzard begins a major overhaul on Roadhog’s hook. In addition, Ana and Sombra also had a couple of tweaks, making it easier for the gamers to play without any glitches. For Ana, her Biotic Grenade duration was reduced from five seconds to four. Meanwhile, Sombra’s cooldown takes eight seconds instead of the original 12.

Changes were published in the Public Test Realm (PTR). Blizzard added more line of sight checks for a potential target. They aim to make it easier to hook any character that is going halfway out of a doorway, or behind a thin pole. Even more, Blizzard’s checks are used to make the line of sight check persistent. To illustrate, if a target moves behind a slim object or a light pole, Roadhog won’t release them anymore.

Following this update, the Overwatch character’s targets will be slowed heavily when stunned, even when in air. If someone strafe jumps away from Roadhog, the chances of sliding out of sight will be slimmer. Further, the studio also fixed a glitch that allows players to hook someone and pull them behind if they spun around before it lands.

This means that users can’t take advantage of Roadhog’s glitch in the game. The glitch lets the character hook players through walls. In the same way, it can take its enemies through other characters, multiple walls, and payloads. The super strength of this hero is quite illogical, which made users start complaining.

Roadhog Hook Update Release Date

Blizzard announced that the update will be available after they roll out the first round of changes for the hero’s superpower arm. They aim to make it easier to hook an opponent and make it more difficult to pull away. The game giant will be releasing the fix via the PTR. They also want to test the adjustments, and hopefully balance the changes. Gamers are always welcome to send their feedback via the Blizzard forums.

Overwatch is now available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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