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Overwatch Update Coming To Ana, Winston, Junkrat – What Happened To Them


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Overwatch Update Coming To Ana, Winston, Junkrat – What Happened To Them

Overwatch players and fans will have their sights glued to updates concerning their favorite heroes. After all, gamers participating in Competitive Play will want to see how the new performance patch will affect their gameplay. However, just how efficient are the new updates?

Blizzard’s Overwatch easily dominated the top of video game charts given its stellar reception with fans. After all, the title blends competitive team-based shooters with Blizzard’s depth of lore. The result is an engaging franchise that earned multiple recognitions, including two Game of the Year awards, since its May 2016 release.

Blizzard appears to have more plans for Overwatch, evidenced by the arrival of yet another hero called Orisa. Interestingly, gamers will want to see just how this new entrant will affect the rest of the title’s heroes. After all, Orisa’s arrival will evidently mark a few changes in Competitive Play.

Overwatch: Hero Updates Coming Soon

News of a few hero patches came in the form of a Blizzard blog post. Designer Geoff Goodman told fans that heroes will get a sizable amount of buffs and nerfs in the Public Test Realm (PTR). These changes will hopefully be implemented in the next patch.

According to Goodman, there will be six heroes that will be affected by the balance patch. These are Junkrat, Zenyatta, Winston, Ana, Sombra, and Orisa. It will be helpful to take note that the latter three were the post-launch characters of the title so far.

Support-sniper Ana will get yet another sizable nerf despite being tweaked in the previous update. The damage of her Bionic Rifle will be further decreased from 80 to 60. She will have reduced damage (from 60 to 30) and healing (from 100 to 50) for her Bionic Grenade.

The hacker Sombra has already received buffs in the latest update, but it seems she needs a little more backup. The PTR patch will reduce her teleportation ability’s cooldown from six seconds to four seconds. Sombra can now move more quietly while using her Stealth ability. This is because the patch will reduce the sounds she makes while invisible.

Newcomer Orisa will also get a nerf. Players have taken note of Orisa’s powerful potential as a mobile tank. Blizzard will lower her Fusion Driver magazine size from 200 to 150. Her Ultimate called the Supercharger will also have an increased 15-percent energy cost.

Competitive Play, Patches

Meanwhile, competitive play staples Junkrat, Zenyatta and Winston will also get their own versions of nerfs. Junkrat will now be immune to his own explosions. This includes his Total Mayhem ultimate, where he drops multiple grenades in his nearby vicinity.

Winston will also get a boost. The armored gorilla will have his Barrier Projector reduced. Its cooldown will start as soon as the barrier is placed, unlike before where it only starts if the barrier is destroyed. Zenyatta will also reduce the recovery period of his Orb of Destruction’s alternate fire option. Its Orb of Discord can now target enemies through barriers as well.

According to Game Rant, these PTR buffs will arrive very soon for players to test. However, it will be helpful to remember that these changes are not yet final, and are still subject to change. As the fourth Season of Competitive Play has just begun, it will be helpful to observe the changes arriving for these characters. After all, players may be able to get a competitive edge if they use them correctly.

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