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Overwatch Update: Here’s Why There Are No Easter & Valentine’s Events


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Overwatch Update: Here’s Why There Are No Easter & Valentine’s Events

Overwatch fans who are out to dress their heroes with new outfits may have to wait a while. It seems two holidays are off the game’s list. Blizzard has just confirmed the absence of the Easter and Valentine’s Day events for the much-acclaimed game.

It is a tradition for popular games to tease holiday-themed events with costumes and updates to coax players into playing the game more. This has been true to other Blizzard mainstays such as World of Warcraft. However, it seems Overwatch will be an exception.

It can be remembered that there are over 25 million players enjoying the game. The popularity of Overwatch has proven to be enough to garner it the 2016 Game of the Year title. However, it seems Blizzard has more plans than just the holiday events.

Overwatch: No Valentine’s, Easter Events?

Blizzard confirmed the absence of the two holidays with tweet responses to curious players. After all, players can get curious as to what is in store for them by the time the Year of the Rooster event ends. Rumors came after players discovered a slate of Valentine’s Day voice lines in the game’s public test realm.

According to a Reddit thread, Redditor akhanubis posted three Valentine’s Day voice lines he discovered. These are from healer Mercy, cyborg ninja Genji, and the archer Hanzo. This has led to speculations that a Valentine’s Day event may indeed be in the works.

However, Blizzard shut down the rumors by responding to curious players. After all, Valentine’s Day is also a big event for World of Warcraft. The studio said they are a “different game” and that they decided to go to “another direction.” Despite such, the studio did confirm that there are different events in store for players.

Future Updates

According to Game Rant, while this can be disappointing for fans, there are a lot of potential events to look forward to. The third season of Competitive Play is about to end as well, which gives Blizzard good reason to wait for it to end before kicking off with another event as well. There are also character balance changes to come to roster as well, with Bastion receiving his last month.

There are also new features teased for players. They will be able to save highlights and access a server browser in future updates. Meanwhile, console players are also getting a report system soon. Unfortunately, there are also reports that the studio will be pushing for a ban on using mouse and keyboards on consoles.

Meanwhile, the Easter and Valentine’s Day events will have to join Terry Crews voicing Doomfist as something fans can expect from the game in the future. Regardless, players can still enjoy the game by participating in its Competitive Play feature. Players interested in building a career in eSports can get started with the League below:

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