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Overwatch Update: New Glitch Messes With In-Game Health

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/PlayOverwatch account

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Overwatch Update: New Glitch Messes With In-Game Health

Just recently, Overwatch has been having a lot of glitches. Aside from a glitch which ejects D.Va into space, there is another error that players are facing. The glitch causes the players to have just about five minutes of health. After that time limit, the energy bar of the players drain to zero.

Recent Glitch Ejecting D.Va Into Space

A funny glitch found in Overwatch came with the game’s Chinese New Year update. In this instance, D.Vas are getting flung out of their suits and thrown into the abyss and in a glitched-out geometry zone. This happens during the Ecopoint Antarctica map in the 3 versus 3 mode of the first-person shooter game, as reported by Kotaku.

Blizzard Entertainment has addressed this issue. Bill Warnecke, an Overwatch software engineer posted in forums. He said that “Servers are currently being hotfixed for the issue.”

Newest Glitch Is A Strange Health Bug

Now, a new glitch affects the game by messing with the in-game health. A Reddit user has posted about this bug. The post claims that players only get just five minutes of health. It seems that a lot of players are experiencing this issue in the game, as implied by the amount of upvotes and replies the post had. It’s almost as if the players feel like they are being told that they are only going to live for a five-minute duration.

OverwatchPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

One of the many glitches found in Overwatch. Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Overwatch Play account

Another complaint has been posted in the game’s actual website. But, Blizzard Entertainment has not yet addressed the issue in reply to the aforementioned complaint forum. Fans and gamers hope that this issue is addressed as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Other Glitches

Aside from these more recent glitches and bugs, players are reportedly getting banned for eight hours in another glitch. At the same time, they also lose 300 skill points due to a loading bug. What actually happens is that the player is brought into the intro screen. This screen shows the teams and their respective team ratings. After that, a player gets kicked out and sent back to the menus. When players quit the game to rejoin it, the game will be cancelled, which causes the loss of skill points.

There are so many glitches in the game that it changes the overall quality of the game experience. We do hope that these glitches are reduced or eliminated totally in the next game updates or versions. The game is still available in PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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