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Overwatch Update To Include Custom Game Modes, Server Browser & More

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Overwatch Update To Include Custom Game Modes, Server Browser & More

Game Director Jeff Kaplan discussed changes coming to Overwatch. Take a look at the details of the patch below.

Customizable Server Browser

Now, players can create their own Overwatch experience and share it with the world through the new customizable Server Browser. The Server Browser allows players to adjust the settings on various maps, heroes, and modes, letting users create their own tailor-made server. For instance, if they want to increase a character’s missile speed or eliminate the cooldown from a weapon, gamers can now do it.

Once they’re done, all they need to do is set up permissions in the browser. Overwatch users can limit the number of people who can join their customized server by tapping the Friends Only or Invite Only options. If they want the world to see their creations, the Public setting is available for them. The Server Browser is currently undergoing major changes in the Public Test Realm.

New Mode Called Capture the Flag

Meanwhile, Blizzard’s event called Capture the Rooster has been the game’s most popular happening. This urged the development team to bring Capture the Flag to the Arcade as another game mode. On February 7, the team added Capture the Flag versions of Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Oasis, and Ilios, which give players 12 maps to try when crafting a Custom Game.

The good news is Capture The Flag will be permanently added to the game as a customizable mode. Aside from the new Server Browser and Capture the Flag, a number of mutators and features will be available for players to play with in custom game modes. This includes flag pickup times and refresh times. Watch the full Developer Update at the bottom of this article to know more about this.

Lucio Joins Heroes Of The Storm

In other news, Overwatch character Lucio crosses over to other Blizzard games to battle them in the Nexus. He joins Tracer and Zarya in Heroes of the Storm. This makes him the third character from the hit shooter to arrive in Blizzard’s multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA).

It can be remembered that Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s answer to the growing popularity of Defense of the Ancients and League of Legends. However, the game’s popularity soared when its cast of characters actually involved characters from the company’s hit franchises. It was only a matter of time before the game fully migrated into the Nexus.

Lucio’s arrival makes him the third character from the cast to arrive in the MOBA, next to Zarya and Tracer. This makes fans of the cruising sound master wonder just what his abilities are in the game. Fret no more, as here is the latest news on Lucio’s arrival in the Nexus.

The patch is now available at the Public Test Realm. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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