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Overwatch Update To Upgrade D.Va’s Defense Matrix

Overwatch update
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Overwatch Update To Upgrade D.Va’s Defense Matrix

In the latest Overwatch update, the next patch will upgrade D.Va’s Defense Matrix. This is welcome news for fans and enthusiasts alike. The latest round of balance changes in the game led to D.Va being assaulted with the nerf bat.

The newest Overwatch update can change that. The newly nerfed Korean pro gamer-transformed mech pilot will be beefed up. 200 points of her health pool were changed to regular hit points from armor.

The change is an effort for scaling back survivability. Blizzard earlier stated that she had become overtly powerful. Several gamers now feel that the character is too weak to really be relevant or viable. This is what the Overwatch update seeks to change.

How Will D.Va be Beefed Up?

PC Gamer reports that D.Va will receive much needed assistance. The next round of balance changes will address this issue. Principal Designer Geoff Goodman states that players will find it easier to use the Defense Matrix.

This helps them block all shots even at point-blank range. Goodman states that “Defense Matrix won’t block shots until they are a very small distance away from the muzzle of the gun.” Goodman also confirms that “next patch the plan is to remove this minimum distance.”

This will make sure that “projectiles are killed directly out of the muzzle” according to him. Players may not even notice these changes. However, these will come to the fore in specific situations, particularly when attempting to combat Roadhog’s hook combo.

D.Va users will also project the Defense Matrix over players caught by this hook rather easily. This will ensure greater protection from the point-blank scrap gun blast. This usually leads to most heroes being shot.

D.Va is also getting extra defense against other projectile ultimates. These include Mei’s Blizzard and Zarya’s Graviton Surge. Both could shoot their ultimates directly at ground level.

This led them to trigger since they had not traversed the necessary distance from the gun muzzle. As per these new changes, Goodman talked of how ults (ultimate abilities) will be suitably beaten now. The game is presently in the throes of a Chinese New Year event.

What Else Should You Know?

The update has 13 new skins featured and will be on until the 13th of February, 2017. PVP Live also confirms that D.Va will receive a much needed defense boost. Goodman confirms that “it should be possible to save an ally from a Roadhog hook.”

This will be through “covering them with your defense matrix, which doesn’t work on live right now.” This is a major fix to the issues faced by players. D.Va will now get enhanced utility which augurs well for the character.

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