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Paper Mario Game Hints At Sequel: Here’s What To Expect

Paper Mario
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Paper Mario Game Hints At Sequel: Here’s What To Expect

A sequel for Paper Mario has been hinted by producer Kensuke Tanabe and what to expect from it during an interview.

Nintendo might have been busy with marketing Super Mario Run, but that doesn’t mean they had neglected the Super Mario RPG series. The recent release of Color Splash for the Wii U serves as a testament to this.

The sequel as hinted by Kensuke Tanabe

During a recent interview, the series producer for Color Splash for the Wii U had expressed his vision in the upcoming games for the Paper series, which is an obvious hint for a sequel in the series. He had also stated his opinions regarding the recently released Color Splash for the Wii U.

The following is what producer Kensuke Tanabe has exactly stated:

Personally, I don’t give much thought to how we are leaving old methods behind in any series, not just Paper Mario. I always prioritize thinking about how we can build new methods and new elements. Of course, there were some series where we have not made big changes to the systems, but sometimes that’s because we feel as though these systems haven’t been perfected yet, or the gameplay can be expanded even further. We felt both of those things in Color Splash. However, I do feel as though we reached the end of where Color Splash is headed, so if we get the chance to continue the series, I think we’ll want to create a Paper Mario with a different system.

While heavily implied in his own words, there is no concrete information so far such as an estimated launching year. That, and whether or not it is even already currently under development. If ever, it would most likely be for the Nintendo Switch.

The Gamnesia website also confirms the interview that took place with Game Informer.

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A new Battle System for the Paper series

According to  producer Kensuke Tanabe, in the event of a sequel, a new Battle System that would be totally different from Color Splash is to be expected. This is most likely to keep things fresh, as well as the seemingly mixed feedback Color Splash had received. At least, according to the Cinema Blend website.

The planned Paper Mario sequel would definitely take advantage of the features the Nintendo Switch has to offer.

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