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PaRappa The Rapper PS4 Remaster: How It May Differ From The Original

PaRappa The Rapper


PaRappa The Rapper PS4 Remaster: How It May Differ From The Original

The PaRappa The Rapper will be rapping again, this time for the PaRappa PS4 Remastered edition! Nostalgia had hit the PS4 quite hard with this PlayStation One classic. It has also been announced alongside another classic from that era to be remastered, The Crash Bandicoot Trilogy.

The original PaRappa The Rapper (1996) PlayStation

The game was first released in Japan, although it is already in English with Japanese subtitles. This makes it possible for English speakers to import and play the game. An American and European version was released the following year. The game was also ported to the PlayStation Portable in the year 2006-2007.

Um Jammer Lammy (1999) PlayStation

A spin-off, Um Jammer Lammy, was also released in 1999. The spin-off focuses on playing the guitar instead and features a different main character, Lammy. However, it is still possible to play as PaRappa, after finishing the game.

The original PaRappa The Rapper (2001) PlayStation

The direct sequel was released for the PlayStation 2 years later in 2001. This game was also made available for the PSN last year.

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The difference between the original PaRappa and the PS4 remake:

So far, aside from the enhanced graphics, the gameplay appears to stay the same as the original. No official word has been released yet, but it could possibly contain other game modes as well.

Hopefully, Um Jammer Lammy also gets a remastered release as well.

According to the FactMag site, it was one of the first rhythm games to experience commercial success. It is also the 20th anniversary of the game, as stated in the EuroGamer website. The main reason for the PaRappa The Rapper PS4 Remaster is for the two decade anniversary of the game. Kick! Punch! You all remember!

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