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Perception PS4 Release Date, Plot & Why It Moved To The PlayStation

Perception PS4
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Perception PS4 Release Date, Plot & Why It Moved To The PlayStation

Perception PS4 is in the news for its interesting storyline and switch to the PlayStation 4. The game is a new horror venture from the former developers at BioShock. You will now play as a blind woman in the game.

Sounds exciting? Perception PS4 is going to be one of the most novel games this year. The game is crowd funded through Kickstarter. It is made by the team which had united after the closure of the BioShock Irrational Games studio.

Perception PS4 is confirmed for the PlayStation universe as per Gamespot. The developer is named The Deep End. It is now officially known that the developers are collaborating with new studio Feardemic because of migration of the game to Sony’s platform.

How You Play

Cassie Thornton, a blind woman, is the central character. You play as Thornton in the game now. Thornton has to go through a Massachusetts mansion.

The home is presently taken over by “the presence” or a supernatural power. The only tools possessed by Thornton are a smartphone and walking stick. It all depends on your ability to hear things.

Every tap of your walking stick or any other sound creates the next visualization. This serves to illuminate your immediate environment. Bill Gardner, the project lead, has already confirmed this in a statement in 2015.

When the game was announced by The Deep End, Gardner stated that “you don’t have shotguns and magic powers”. Gardner has served more than a decade at Irrational. He has also worked at BioShock Infinite as its design director.

The very cat and mouse nature of the game is its biggest USP according to experts. Several chapters from varying eras are intermingled in the game. Every time period bears explanation for the horrifying things happening inside the house.

Revisiting the Past

Once these chapters are done, players can also go back in time. When they revisit the past, the mansion starts changing. The whole form, look and feel changes because of this feature.

Also, there are changes in spirits and people living in it when players revisit the past. No official release date is still available for the PS4 version. Furthermore, the game is in the works for PC according to Polygon. There may also be an edition for Xbox One, though nothing is confirmed yet.

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