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Persona 5 News: Social Link Mechanic May Focus on Mature Content, Morgana English Trailer Revealed

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Persona 5 News: Social Link Mechanic May Focus on Mature Content, Morgana English Trailer Revealed

Will the upcoming Persona 5 game focus on more mature content for the new “social link” mechanic? Meanwhile, Atlus has revealed the trailer highlighting the game’s mascot.

According to Paste Magazine, the upcoming installment will still heavily focus on coming-of-age stories. Previous games under the same installment usually emphasize of different themes. The upcoming game is no exception to this.

The  Persona 5 game will supposedly have a much darker tone as it revolves around existential imprisonment and emancipation. In line with this, the cast’s personal stories usually unfold through social links.

Seeing as how the fifth installment is aiming for a mature vibe, the new characters might be coming from harsher backgrounds. An example would be a character suffering from a toxic relationship that might involve emotional or even physical abuse. In turn, this character would then find independence and cut ties with their oppressor.

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Another topic they could also focus on is LGBT-related issues. Although the fourth installment somewhat tackled this already, the upcoming Persona 5 could include more struggles of being queer.

This could involve a feeling of “self-suffocation” and oppression of one’s true self. The character would then learn to love itself despite what anyone might think.

Finally, the issue of mental health. Since the game’s central theme centers around psychology, it would only be fitting to include mental stigma. This includes trying to cope with their disorders and realize that their disability does not define who they are.

On a different note, Gematsu reports that Atlus has revealed the English trailer for Morgana. This mysterious cat creature rallies the party in the fight to steal corrupt hearts. It is also a professional thief, acts as a mentor figure for the cast and can even transform into a bus.

Persona 5 will be released on Feb. 14, 2017 for the PS3 and PS4.

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