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Persona 5 Release Date & News: Atlus Developing New RPG – Details Here

Persona 5
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Persona 5 Release Date & News: Atlus Developing New RPG – Details Here

Atlus is once again in the limelight with the hype it is getting from Persona 5. But even before the said game gets all the attention, a new RPG game also developed by Atlus is receiving some significant investigation from gamers and dataminers around the world. Here are some details about the game that has, so far, been revealed.

What is Atlus’ new game that is not Persona 5 nor Shin Megami Tensei-related?

According to Atlus video game designer, creator and director Katsura Hashino on the teaser site of the new RPG game, they are currently developing it to challenge the normality of the gaming genre. When Atlus RPG was born 25 years ago, fantasy was the mainstream theme of RPG games. P5, which is school-themed, is a spinoff series of the hit Shin Megami Tensei that “counters” the usual theme. The press release piece can be seen in full in Techno Buffalo.

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According to a report by Polygon, Atlus formed a new team to oversee the development of the new RPG game. Studio Zero, the name of the team, will include Persona 5 director Hashino and some production staff that worked heavily on Shin Megami Tensei. That fact alone clearly says how great the next Atlus game will be.

Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine, was the fortunate one to get the first look of the unnamed game. It will, however, be revealed soon as it will be announced during a NicoNico livestream on December 23 at 8PM JST or 6AM ET.

Concept art for the mysterious RPG game was released earlier by Studio Zero. From the looks of it, the new RPG game that the developer of  P5 is working on will be medieval inspired.

Stay tuned for more updates on the mystery RPG game!

In other Atlus-related news

Persona 5 was initially given a February 2017 release. It was then pushed back and moved to April 4, 2017. However, the game has been available already for three months in Japan.

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