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Persona 5 Review Scores Another Perfect Rating Before Embargo

Persona 5 Review
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Persona 5 Review Scores Another Perfect Rating Before Embargo

Prior to the official Persona 5 review embargo lifts in the West, the game has gotten another perfect rating from a media outlet. The review embargo will be lifted on March 29, 2017 and even before that, the game already received rave reviews from some magazines.

Digital Central Media released its early Persona 5 review and they started by saying how excellent the game is. They mentioned how it could possible be the best game the entire generation to release.

According to Digital Central Media’s Jordan Michael, the graphics of the game is solid and have improved overall compared to the previous Persona 4 or Persona 4 Golden. Michael pointed how the great the textures and how good the character models are.


He mentioned how Persona 5 has style and it is the most artistic, most stylish game he has ever played. Although the game does not have similar graphics like Horizon Zero Dawn or Uncharted 4, its excellent art style makes up for everything.

Aside from the in-game art style, the UI itself shows brilliance. Michael mentioned how even the loading screen oozes with style. Both the cinematic and anime cut scenes showed excellency which makes Persona 5 a real eye candy.


Meanwhile, Michael’s review on the Persona 5 soundtrack included how incredible it is, especially the battle and dungeon themes. Atlus has made the Persona 5 soundtrack overwhelmingly better than its previous games.


The setting of the game, Tokyo, helped it shaped into what seems to be a nearly perfect game. It will give players a glimpse on how Tokyo would really feel in real life because of the crowd and the environment. However, Michael did not go deeper into the characters in Persona 5 since he did not want to spoil more about the game.


The dungeons in Persona 4 were poorly designed so Atlus made sure that they would not make the same mistake again in Persona 5. As soon as players would enter the dungeon, they will not longer have a slow start like they did in the previous game.


Michael did not dwell too much on Persona 5‘s story since he did not want to spoil anything. He mentioned how the game’s plot is as good as the one that Persona 4 had.


Considering the factors above, the gameplay itself is fantastic. Michael focused on how stylish, fun, and addicting the battles are in Persona 5. He gave a special mention to the all-out attack portraits of every character.

Overall, the latest Persona 5 received a 100 percent review from Digital Central Media. Meanwhile, GamesMaster magazine gave the game a score of 95 percent, saying the game worse is than Suikoden 2, but better than Final Fantasy 15. OPM UK‘s Persona 5 review also shared similar sentiments and gave the game a perfect 10 out of 10. 

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