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Pewdiepie 2016 Deletes Channel: What Happened & Where Is He Now

PewDewPie 2016
Image Source: PewDiePie Facebook Account


Pewdiepie 2016 Deletes Channel: What Happened & Where Is He Now

PewDiePie is constantly making headlines over the years. Not only is he a widely searched personality but his YouTube Channel, where it all started from, is considered one of the most successful channels in the history of the website. However, PewDiePie 2016 has been by far the biggest year he and his channel has ever had.

PewDiePie biggest YouTube prank

The latest PewDiePie 2016 videos have the most views and arguably the most featured among all his videos. In one of his “episodes,” the famous YouTuber said that he will delete his account if he reaches 50 million followers. This is a big pledge especially considering how big his channel is. On top of that, PewDiePie earns a lot of money through it.

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And then he reached 50 million viewers and had to keep his end of the deal. PewDiePie went ahead and made a video of him actually deleting his account. It felt real especially because he looked tired and not his usual brightened up commentator self. Well it was real and he did delete his account but not his PewDiePie channel.

Instead, he deleted his other account Jack Septiceye2. According to a report by iTech Post, this PewDiePie 2016 prank is the single greatest prank in YouTube history.

The magnitude of PewDiePie’s success

The views and the subscribers of PewDiePie are more than enough testament to his success. According to a report by The Drum, he earned $15m the past year. That fact made him the platform’s highest earning creator.

When PewDiePie made the video saying that he will be deleting his account, multiple news outlets made an article about it. According to him, it was his biggest media coverage since he started his channel.

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