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PewDiePie 2017 Horror Show Cancelled Due To Anti-Semitic Comments



PewDiePie 2017 Horror Show Cancelled Due To Anti-Semitic Comments

Internet sensation PewDiePie is in a lot of hot water right now for videos that allegedly promote anti-Semitism that circulated online. This can be bad news for the YouTube sensation, who at this point has 50 million subscribers. Just what happened?

PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg, is best known for his gameplay and livestream videos that show him playing games. His humor and witty commentary immediately made him a celebrity. A few years later, his subscriber count skyrocketed and made him the most-subscribed YouTube channel.

However, perhaps the life of a celebrity has its ups and downs as well. This new controversy is the second big one to hit PewDiePie following his threats of closing down his channel permanently in 2016. Take note that the following content below may be inappropriate for some readers.

Cancelled Show

Now, it appears Kjellberg is in more hot water as well. A YouTube spokesperson told Variety that the YouTube Red show Scare PewDiePie has cancelled its second season. The site has also removed the channel from its Google Preferred section. This is a huge blow to the YouTube sensation’s ad revenue.

However, the YouTube spokesperson did not comment on the exact reason for the website’s actions. Game Rant said it is reasonable to believe that there is more than just the issue that Kjellberg has made insensitive remarks in a recent video. Kjellberg has also been known to criticize the new video recommendation algorithms of YouTube.

It can be remembered at this point that Kjellberg appears very comfortable with making controversial statements. He is, after all, a celebrity and is free to express his thoughts. However, this recent controversy is the biggest threat of his career so far.

PewDiePie: What Happened?

The controversy was highlighted at the Wall Street Journal (payroll), where it said Kjellberg has had videos with anti-Semitic jokes and Nazi imagery. One of the videos included a man dressed as Jesus Christ that said Hitler “did nothing wrong.”

Kjellberg also allegedly hired two men via Fiverr to hold a sign that says “Death to All Jews” while being dressed as self-described jungle boys. The aforementioned men have also posted an apology about the incident.

The issue got so intense that Disney even got itself in the mix. It was established that Kjellberg had a deal with Disney that allowed him to retain his “editorial independence.” However, the anti-Semitic jokes clearly crossed the line. YouTube may have said that if the intent of the content is satirical, then the website will be more lenient towards said content.

Disney has officially stated that their subsidiary, Maker Studios will, now end its relationship with him. Regardless, PewDiePie has already apologized for posting the content. He affirmed that he does not promote or support such hate-based groups. The full apology can be read in his Tumblr website.

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