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Phantom Dust Xbox One Release Date To Be Available Before E3

Phantom Dust


Phantom Dust Xbox One Release Date To Be Available Before E3

Phantom Dust is one game that several fans are awaiting with bated breath. In a pleasant surprise, the Xbox chief Phil Spencer has confirmed that the game will be coming before E3 2017. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is slated to take place between the 13th and 15th of June.

Nothing is officially confirmed about a Phantom Dust release. However, Spencer’s statement is definitely creating a stir amongst enthusiasts online. Phantom Dust is the original game from 2004, as per Gaming Bolt. This is another major point of interest for fans and players. The original game is coming for PC and Xbox One, as per reports.

More on the Game’s Development & History

There will be a re-release of the 2004 Phantom Dust game before June 2017 as per Spencer. He states this fact on Twitter. Spencer feels that the game “should ship before E3.”

There is a running feud between Microsoft and Darkside, the developer of the game. The parting of ways among the two companies is behind all these new developments. Some parts of the original game are already upgraded though.

The original assets still remain identical. The game is also going to support Xbox Play Anywhere. As a result, players can purchase it digitally on PC or Xbox One.

This will get them free digital copies for other platforms as well. This is definitely going to be a major incentive with regard to selling the game. Achievements and Saved Games are also shareable between both the platforms.

Microsoft is yet to announce the release date officially. It has not given any specific information on the game being released before E3 2017. Previously, the game launched in the market back in 2014’s E3.

Once Darkside left its alliance with Microsoft, the latter assured all fans that the game is still being developed. However, the lack of updates is proving to be a major dampener for fans. In this context, Spencer’s tease has sparked huge curiosity.

What Some Fans Are Criticizing

VG 24/7 also confirms Spencer’s statements about the release of the game. Twitter users are already criticizing the lack of any hype or publicity behind the game launch. “Zero marketing” is being highlighted as a major drawback.

However, there are still four months left before any assumptions can be made. Microsoft may not feel the need for a comprehensive marketing campaign. This is because the game is still similar to the 2004 version with minor changes.

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